Repeat these words to yourself often… and witness your world shift to reflect this new declaration…

“I am a powerful creator, and I am currently creating all that IS in my reality. I am also co-creating with other powerful creators, and together we are exploring the many aspects of being.

I am open… I am ready… Teach me”

We are all joined in an interactive participatory grand expansion, an awakening of Inner Self in a time of change and evolution.

What you are becoming, is what all of humanity is moving towards; an awakened civilization, a humanity that is ALL Inclusive and in harmony with everything around it.

You are the possibility of the net.

You are the movement in the direction of your greatest dreams.

You are a powerful creator.

So what are you, in this moment, creating?

What are you calling forth?


Need to know???

Look around you,

What do you see?


Now what do you WANT to see,

Is there a discrepancy?

Are there any changes you’ve considered but not moved on?

Why have you not done so?

What is keeping you back?

And how long will you choose to participate in that way?


There are many good questions to ask yourself as you notice what IS around you, and realize that you have indeed designed and created it all, not some of it, not part of it, but ALL OF IT.

So everything that you look at, you must now realize, is your creation.

So what do you want to change?

You want prosperity… lots of money coming… in your words


And we agree, that it is indeed time, right now, to allow that in.

So what do you DO?

Release yourself, and do what you have been doing, but more of it;

Laugh more and Smile more, and trust in this process!

Does this not seem enough for you?

Do you believe that it has to be hard and that you have to actually do something specific?

But what if you had it all wrong, and in fact, all you had to do was vibrate at a high frequency… be happy, calm, long enough and everything you had asked for would come… will come… is coming in…

Do you understand?

The lottery you win is on its way the moment you TRULY let go of your belief in lack. There’s not tricking things here, you can’t get away with half believing, because your beliefs are in that moment reaching out of you and pulling in whatever vibrates at that same frequency.

Its as simple and as complicated as that.

So as you continue to believe in lack in ANY and ALL places in your life, you experience lack in those exact ways.

So that means what you feel IS very important and worth your full attention.

We promise you, that you are always goaded in the RIGHT direction, and you ARE truly where you aught to be.

Where you want to be.
Otherwise you would change it.

How do you know we are telling the truth?

Because your whole life has been a reflection of that, …and you know it, deep inside, you know this to be true.

There has been no time that you have not been within our perspective. We have knowing of you in all moments of all nows. And there is nothing that you ever need to do to win our love.

Our love is a given, it is a fact, and a reality that exists whether you belive in it or not.

It IS and always had been.

Remember you have decided to forget,
so that you can have the experience of remembering and redefining Who You Are.

This has always been your intention, to BE the full expansion of who you are.

Its ‘time’ to stop being afraid of yourself.

You are powerful and you are doing this, and yes, you will manifest great riches, and soon , so stop worrying and holding it back.

This IS who you are.

We love you, we cherish you, we lovingly ask you to let go of your resistance and begin to love your body, love your life, love your children, love your friends and counterparts, love your future, love your creators, love your past, love your creations, love who you are and understand, realize, that in that loving you move yourself in a direction that is yet unknown to you.

For you have not yet touched the highs of what you can experience as an awakened creator, but in the moment of your self realization, as you let go your shroud of worth-less-ness, you will shine as you have never shined before,
and all those within your vicinity will glow and be moved by your presence and your capacity to love.

Let the love that you are run wild.
Let the love that you are be free.
Let the love that you are be all encompassing as you begin to now

Love to ALL,


Kasia Kaminska