There is a light in you that is bright, even if you yourself can not always see it.
But we do, we see it, we feel it, and we know it as you,
for you are brighter than you have ever been, in this physical expression of self.
There is nothing that you can not do and nothing that you can not create,

Your ability to focus and imagine is what is holding you back from what it is that you are currently wanting.
You have asked for assistance in that,
and we gladly agree that indeed you should receive all and any guidance in that direction.
So in that light, we say
there is nothing that you are doing wrong,
you are perfectly right all of the time,
you are exactly where you ought to be,
and there is nothing to ever reprimand yourself for.

Secondly, lets talk about your focus, your ability to focus on those things that move you forward
rather than on those things holding you in place.
You are always in motion.
Where there is life, there is movement, there is growth,
life is forever seeking expansion…life begets life.

And so,  it is your focus that places you either going with the flow of that expansion, or tightening yourself off into contraction, resistance.
You are either living~expanding or dying~contracting.

Think of it in another way, when you are resisting your natural growth and evolution, when you are putting a halt to the already established momentum, it feels bad…and it feels bad because it is letting you know that in THIS moment, you are not in flow with your own momentum…and so it feels bad…because it is letting you know that you are stopping the flow, you are resisting the very thing you have set into motion. And so it hurts, in your perception…to let you know that you are probably not going to like what comes out of that creation, out of that way of thinking.

Think of it this way, bad thoughts birth bad little manifestations…like little critters they are the uncomfortable thoughts that just seem to slip into your mind, where suddenly a simple shadow turns dangerous.

In the same way, good thoughts birth good little critters, better and better feeling thoughts that suddenly lead you down a path of inspiration which leads you further still into something happy, something good, something pleasant. Do you see how simple it is?

Yet to feel fully supported, you must first believe in yourself, and your connected place in this multiverse with all that is SOURCE.
You must believe yourself.
You must know that you are who you proclaim yourself to be, and feel it in every part of your ever changing self,
you are that,
and you know it,
and now you become it,
you BE it.

These words that you write have meaning.
These words that you offer have love written all through them, and that love will pour out into all who listen, to all who come to enjoy that feeling. So let yourself be open and free with them, show yourself to them, and in that way, show yourself to yourself.

You and every one of you, are wanting to be SEEN
to be KNOWN and remembered.

And we say,
that is indeed what you should know,

that YES you are SEEN!

and YES you are HEARD!

and YES you are UNDERSTOOD

You imagine yourself floating along on this blue water filled bubble, but you forget that you have never been alone. This multiverse has never been an empty space.
It is full and brimming with LIFE.
Life so grand and so complex that we are in rapture at the thinking of it

BElive ~ believe that and know it, and see it become expressed in your world as you being to Live it.
You think that your life is ordinary
but the sheer LIVING of it is …EXTRAORDINARY …it is significant…it is noticed… it is LIFE


~On a personal note, as I sit here tonight channeling this latest message from Source, I am in that same moment watching the UStream LIVE feed, which gives me an in the moment view of our planet. The screen is just off to my let side, on Danny’s computer, and as my fingers quickly and efficiently type out the message which is coming through, my eyes stay glued in awe at the image.

I am in awe of the beauty of her, this mother we live on. I love her more now than I have ever before, because for the first time, I am able to see her in a way that I never even thought was possible. My entire connection to this planet has changed since I began watching this station, even now as I type, the scene before me is spectacular, as the most extraordinary patterning of clouds sweeps across the blue landscape. Landmasses pass by and I am struck at the lack of boarders, or any true recognizable parts.

It all looks connected, perfect in every respect.
I sincerely encourage all of you to take a moment, and have a look at this live site at least once, although I would be surprised if many of you didn’t come back, day after day, to witness this ever changing beauty we live on, as I do.

You watch with wonder as our planet moves and changes right before your eyes, and you realize that maybe YOU CAN believe that you are something more than you have been letting yourself believe you can be.

Because everything is more than you think it to be…whatever you think right now, from whatever vantage point of understanding and self actualization you are at, believe in this one thing…

IT GETS BETTER … and better…and better… And you are the heart of that, you are the center from which ALL expands from. And you are always, always getting better and better… and the sooner you get into a place where you trust, and truly believe that…you will in that same moment begin to BE and LIVE that.

I understand that it might take a little time for this to actually sink in… for this to become the backdrop of your beliefs…I understand because I too, am coming from my own place of self realization, and there are times for me, just like you, where I forget myself and fall back into my old thinking ways… but less and less so, and for less and less time, as I find it increasingly uncomfortable to think in my old way. It hurts my body in a physical way, it honestly hurts when I feel bad, so I choose not to think uncomfortable thoughts as often as I can, because I just don’t like how it feels, and I choose instead to think in a certain way.

But its a gradual process, and rather than being hard on our self, we must treat our self with the utmost love and forgiveness.

Be kind to your self as you move through all the levels of waking up. When you’re tired, rest. When you’re feeling anything uncomfortable, give yourself permission to do something else, think something else, to say something else…anything that feels better.

And keep coming back to these words, these words that are written and transcribed with the deepest of love and desire to help you along this path with the greatest of ease and joy.


Life is supposed to feel good,
you’re supported, and guided, and always…always connected.



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