Your ability to maintain a loving vibration, and to hold yourself in a better feeling place, more and more of the time, has allowed you to access the infinite.

There has never been a time

that you have not been YOU,

and there has never been a time like this before

where you have moved into alignment, consciously, with deliberate intent

with that of SOURCE ENERGY.


There is no right or wrong way to do this.

There is no right or wrong way to DO this.

You are doing just fine.

You really are exactly where you need to be,

as you are being exactly who it is you are intending to BE.


So as you deliberately choose to be in alignment with your highest version of self,

in other words,

when you accept that you ARE GOD

and that you really CAN HAVE ANYTHING

and that you are CREATING IT ALL,

you BECOME that

ALL that


There is magic all around you.

As you ACCEPT that there is magic all around you.

And you ALLOW that there is magic all around you.

And you BELIEVE that there is magic all around you.


Your dreams are your dreams in order to show you what it is that you are still hanging onto.

Your dreams allow you to see within yourself

and observe your current vibration from a different perspective,

source perspective.


As you observe and become aware of what it is that you are still holding onto, the beliefs and ‘programs’ that you run,

you have the opportunity to move beyond that and embrace a new paradigm

a new way of seeing

a new way of understanding what you are and what you want.


Nothing is out of alignment with your current beliefs and understanding,

and all that you are experiencing on every elemental level

IS happening because you have made it so.

And it is changing as you are becoming more and more

and as you align yourself now

with deliberate intention

and delight

into a new way of being and believing.


Nothing is happening to you

it is all done by you

and it is you and only you

that can affect…change…what you are currently living.


And as you become one with what you are,

and as you let go of the thoughts that were holding you back,

and as you begin to move ever forward in the direction of your most active calling,

you step evermore into a fuller knowing of what you are

and what it is that you have come here to do

to experience

to become


KNOW that you are more than you still believe about yourself,

and KNOW that you are in every moment reaching for more knowing of that.

For you are in perpetual discovery of that,

of knowing yourself more,

and in that knowing, becoming so.


Channeled and transcribed  with love and the deepest desire to share this message of awakening, and invite all those who are asking to this open dialogue with Source.

I invite you to post any questions you may have below, and it will be my sincere pleasure to tap into Source and allow the answer to flow forward for you. 

With love and light


Kasia Kaminska