there is a question that you are wanting to ask
and we are happy to answer
as you allow

we are all with you
with you in all now moments
even when you are in a place of not believing
even if you are in a place of ‘thinking’ otherwise
you are and we are always with you
for you are never not a part of us
and we feel within you an ever expanding understanding of this
as you feel yourself to us
and to the truth that you know is
for no belief is true unless you are feeling love within it
that is your basis for everything
and as you shed your current beliefs
your programs as you are calling them
as you let all that go
you can than, in that way hear us clearly
and know
KNOW that what we say is so
for you are still not fully accepting your own words
and as such
you are still not fully accepting our words
for we ARE YOU
and there is no separation as you are feeling it
or rather believing it
for you are feeling us within and in you
and we know that you know
but those things you still hold onto
those beliefs that are so ‘in this moment’ hard to let go
they too will be dissolved

although right ‘now’ they hold you in place
in a place of believing that you are disconnected
not always
but sometimes
so we cheer you on as you step more and more into the new beliefs
into your new perceptions about yourself
we joyously applaud you as you move into a place of loving yourself and ALL more and more
for we know that this IS the most direct route for you
for it is LOVE that we are
and as you LOVE you become an open receptacle, an open gateway and open channel to US
to YOU
and we feel in you that you are understanding that the path will always lead you back to YOU
because …and here we pause because we want so much for you to hear this… you

so yes there is attention on you
does that ‘help’ you to know
does it make you want to put the extra effort into becoming a deliberate focuser
because you are right on it when you say that it is in the focusing that we are where ‘we are’
for it is our intention to focus on those things that we choose to create
and in so doing we are focused on our highest selves
on that which we KNOW we are
you too are on the path to this
to this inside understanding
be that now

you are doing so well
as you take the ‘time’- the physical tie
and you practice, do
those things you now know will lead you back into love
you will in that way
dissolve your own stopping blocks

you have placed before you the stumbling blocks of your ancestors
you have taken on their limiting beliefs
and have decided to ‘work’ through them to dissolve them
in other words
you chose those unique circumstances so that, in order, to release them from yourself
and in so doing release and dissolve then from ALL THAT IS

yes as you move those things from your own consciousness
from your own perspective
you in that way
move the entire thing
all of it
in the same direction

so you become a beacon
a light
and those who are asking are now coming to you
and the answers are always within you

you are afraid that you will not be able to access us
and we are here to reassure you that this is just not so
it is a false belief
a little ‘misunderstanding’ as you say
you are ALWAYS and in ALL-WAYS
connected to us
because we are ONE
so let that false premise go now

this too will become a distant memory
for you have released another layer of your own resistance
in the simple act of performing that
in the act of doing it, whatever IT is that you DO to bring you ease
in that act of LOVING SELF
you have released another limiting belief
and have taken yourself to a new place of understanding and realizing
for you are no longer sitting back and feeling victim to your life
you are now deciding
you are now choosing
and you are now writing the story that you YOU are deciding
this is always the way it will be
so decide now to know that you are ALL WAYS AND always connected
there is never a time
‘time’ being your own way of anchoring yourself in this hear and now
you are

your body has been sad
your body has been heavy
your body has been painful

but this is no longer the story you need to tell

now there is a new story
a story about a body that is light
a body that is repairing
a body that is moving into wellness and balance and strength

you are always telling a story
and now you are knowing
and feeling that this is so
that this IS the way it IS
you came here for the fun of it
you have always now
Stay in steady contact with Source and follow your divinely guided intuition with confidence
yes we are always with you
and you can give us whatever name you choose
god is good
so is you
so is anything else that anyone has ever called us
we are the same everywhere
and we are you
so that means that you are also everywhere
and you can have many names
and yet you are always you
we feel that there are some questions inside you that speak to us
and we assure you that the answers you feel in response ARE THE RIGHT answers
because it is in your feeling them that you are connecting to us
and so we will communicate with you in any way
in all pathways that are best for you

you have asked for clear communications
and so we happily give you THAT
as we communicate here with as clear words as we can reach for so that you man=y will understand

they ask and we always answer

but it is you who must be open to allowing the answer in
and in trusting that it is so
for we can not convince you
it is always your free place to choose what you are believing and thinking
you are a creator being
the creator being
and it is your choice to have the choice to choose
it is your personal deciding
and we are never in a place of taking that away from you

you are doing just find
and the words you are hearing ARE the voice of god
but know this
YOU are god
and so in that way
it IS your voice
so it is time to let go of your disbelief
in us
and most in yourself
and allow this new perspective to BE your NEW perspecitve
you are no longer in a vibrational place where this misunderstanding will feel good to you
you are now in a place of standing that lets you feel in the moment
the offness or oneness of any thought
so when you feel your inner working signal that you are not in alignment with your highest version of self
it is your opportunity
to refocus and choose differently

you are now at the place where beliefs are transparent
and you are seeing right through them
you are no longer holding yourself in a place of discomfort
for whatever reasons you once did
for you know that as you do so you hold your vibration in likeness and all that will come to you will reflect that
and so you are no longer surprised when what you are feeling is reflected to you in what you are experiencing
you see it for your self
you know it is your point of attraction and nothing more
nothing less
it simply is


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