I love the surge of energy, the exuberant rush of feeling, of knowing and understading, as I realize something I had moments ago not yet understood. It’s like waking up over and over again, each time thinking that this is the final dream, yet knowing all the while with delicious anticipation, that just beyond the crest of this knowing awaits another realization, and a new vantage point from which to launch myself from yet again. Realization is like the final puzzle piece falling into place. It is the energetic spark, the electrical current that runs from the multidimensional ALL that IS, Source Energy, straight into me.
In the moment of realization, of knowing and deep understanding, I become an open channel to unconditional love as expressed through the infinite possibilities of ALL that there IS.

Becoming the Light means moving always forward on this path to self understanding, self realization and self enlightenment.

I used to believe that what I wanted was somewhere outside myself and could only be given to me by someone else. But as I continue to walk in the direction of my dreams, one foot placed deliberately in front of the other on this path of self mastery, I realize that the path I walk upon has always lead me back into myself.

We are all each of us on our own unique path to becoming the Light.
We are all each of us extensions of ALL that there IS.
Whatever name you choose to give it; be it God, Buddah, Source, ALL there IS, Energy, you ARE a part of that.

We are Source Energy made manifest, made real.

I feel before me an ever growing sensation that good things are on the way, not just for me personally, although I do feel this for myself as well, but for ALL of us as a collective species.

We are evolving to new levels of awareness and self mastery.
We are becoming all at once singularly empowered and collectively unified.
We are becoming ONE.

The journey you are upon, which sometimes may make you feel that you are separate, especially when the terrain becomes uncertain, is the journey we are ALL upon, individually and collectively.

Go within yourself.
Give silence a space in your life.
Become a deliberate thinker, and LOVE YOUrself into alignment with your personal inner light.

Friends, we are all in this together.

with all my love and light

Kasia Kaminska