We exist, stand on, the living body of mother.
Living, perceiving, BEing.
This is a living consciousness physically manifested, made real, with her own body, with her own soul, with her own ACTIVE INNER CALLING.

Gaia is like… as… you.
You are created from her, the physical component of what you ARE is the SAME as that of mother, EARTH.
You are… as she is… awakening.

But her intention is HERS/HIS ALONE
and unique to her personal expansion; as you are unique and expanding in the manner that is unique to YOU. Although know this, you are part of a greater consciousness… and as your veil of separation lifts it reveals a NEW POINT OF PERSPECTIVE and greater understanding.

What you are feeling in your physical body is your own reflection, your own conversation, with the part of GAIA that is in this NOW moment calling out to you because you are an ELEMENTAL, a physical being comprised of atoms and molecules, a combination of ALL the elements existent on planet EARTH.

You are not just an extension, you are atomically the SAME… as is every other element and object that EXISTS.

It is ALL made of the same stuff ELEMENTAL STUFF.

So what holds it all together?
And what is Consciousness?

The Answer to both is the same


What you perceive and understand as consciousness IS what SOURCE FEELS

Let that settle in for a moment…

Please understand,
ALL your Beliefs


unless they are

Your knowing of yourself IS what this is all about.

It is not a physical journey that you are taking, from one place to another, this is a spiritual AWAKENING; this is the journey of YOU to your TRUE SELF.

You are, more and more, feeling the UNITY between YOU and ALL THAT IS.

You stand now in a new understanding as you acknowledge your ONENESS
with everything and everyone.

Please understand, there is no division, no real separation between what is YOU and what is US.

And so, we feel the inner struggle within you as you try and figure out how this can be, based upon the backdrop of your current beliefs. And what we ask you to NOW notice is the FEELING that corresponds to this internal activity.

The frequency of your feeling IS the active energetic frequency, vibration, that you are in THIS NOW MOMENT emitting. Or better said, it is you pinching off from WHO YOU REALLY ARE. It is that… and when you fully accept this, the reality you begin to experience will SHIFT DRAMATICALLY.

You are on a good path 💗



Kasia Kaminska