As we feel the sensations in our bodies, the aches and pains, we are asked now to see it from a different point of view.

In the past this kind of thing, these unwelcomed sensations, were reason for worry and fear. But now we are asking that you see it as the language of your body,
and forgive yourself.

The body has its own dialect, it is alive and has its own active inner calling and relationship with SOURCE.
In the asking, the pains and aches as you interpret them, your body is in dialogue with you and letting you know that there is a dis-alignment with its true intention.
All dis-ease comes, originates from, the thoughts you keep thinking
and the corresponding emotions that go with them.
But don’t forget dear one, that you are also a physical being.

YES you are god source
AND you are physical.
And so your body,
a sentient being
is and has its own pull and relationship with source
and a unique way to communicate.

You have been believing that your pains are only a reflection of you.
But you have forgotten that while you exist here on this level of physicality
you are in that way
and as a physical being you are connected to your body;
your living vessel.

This is a co-union,
and as you have our guidance
you have nothing to worry about.

You need to forgive yourself.

You need to let go and forgive and understand that your body is communicating with you, because it too has an active calling and it too is always reaching into alignment with SOURCE.
So that what you are ‘feeling’ both emotionally and in the body as physical pain
is in fact just the dialogue, the verbiage of your vessel.

So lets say for example , you feel aches throughout your body.
It is an indication, a signal, an asking, a dialogue from your body that it is in need of hydration.
You can feel this and have been hearing the call for water,
but have not moved yourself into action towards that.
And so your body will give you more ‘vibrant’ vivid, active, stronger, signals,

and this will continue until you recognize what it is asking.

As you physically move toward alignment with the current asking of your body
the physical ‘pains’ and ‘ailments’ you know in this moment, will fall away.

This is YOU, the physical you, coming into alignment with YOU, the conscious SOURCE you,
that is the consciousness you know as YOU.
And yes, you are an extension of SOURCE ALL that IS.
And yes, when you come into alignment with this part of you

you will feel bliss

and all the physical pains that you know will fall away.

As you become more aware of this constant dialogue
you will be abel to hear the calling of your body much sooner than you do now.
In other words,
you will drink the water at the first asking
rather than waiting until your body is yelling to get your attention.

So do not worry about any of it.
Just become deeply committed and focused on your inner workings.
Become aware of the dialogue of your body
and understand that it too has a desire to be in alignment with its higher self,
and so it is asking and moving and guiding you in a way that will take IT and YOU,

which is ALL OF YOU
in the direction of that.

Your body is talking to you.
Stop taking it personally.
The body is not trying to ‘hurt’ you,
the body is letting you know that somehow you have gotten yourself out of alignment.
In other words,
it ‘needs’ your active participation to take the action that is required in order for you to come back into alignment.

So that may mean and does mean,
look at what you are thinking and feeling.
But it ALSO means,

look at what you are doing physically
or rather
what are you not currently doing.

But most and foremost, let go of this idea that you are being punished in some way when you don’t feel ‘good’
no one is doing anything TO you.

It is all a communication between YOU and YOU,
the many aspects of you.

So when you feel any discomfort in your body
know that it IS your body talking, reaching out, communicating, dialoguing, with that part of you that IS you.

and if you can get that
you are already there


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Channeled and transcribed by Kasia Kaminska