A beautiful message of Unconditional Love and a return to the ONE Conscious Breath through the practice of mindful, deliberate breath and relaxation.

Each message is another letter of love and support from SOURCE. In the moment of my allowing for this communication to happen, I instantly feel a burst of love flow through me.

I can feel my way into the conversation, and the better it feels, the better it flows, and the more I know that I’m on the right path.
The messages I receive lead me always in the direction of what I am wanting, they feel like a very important private conversation…but one that is now wanting to be shared.

I’ve realized that there are many of us who are in this now moment experiencing this incredible shift, many of us who feel the ‘realness’ of what is happening.

And I’ve also come to understand that the best way to move through this change is together.

We are coming into a new reality, one of unity and love.
One of community, with not only ourselves, but with ALL those who make up the vast consciousness of multidimensional life.

There is still so much more to be discovered, and as we help one another to move through this enlightening evolution, we in turn help ourselves come into alignment with our highest self, and in that way ascend.

I am so happy to share this work with you. Please enjoy this newest message and mindful breath meditation.



Dearest child, it is ok to rest, you have done much today and now much is coming your way.
Trust that the light energies are looking to your personal wellbeing. They are ensuring that you will not go into a place of discomfort. We feel within you a mild hesitancy as you do not fully trust that this is so, for even as you write these words and feel the immediate discomfort of that, we feel our desire to love you into a state of pure bliss in greater intensity
and as such we send MORE and MORE and MORE love energy, love light energy, toward you.

Know that you are taken care of,
and allow the words which await release to be set free
and flow from you in an endless cascade of beauty and truth.

Flow, dear one, in the streams of your passions.
Flow within the streams of better and betterbetter feeling… better experiencing… always better and better, more and more of the time… better and better.
Flow in this stream for a while
and set yourself free.
Feel yourself within this fluid forward momentum, within this liquid light,
this flowing love.

With all the Love that is available to US in this NOW moment we are beaming this love to you NOW
NOW… in this place that you sit, or stand, or BE… NOW in this present time, no matter if you are the one who is reading this, or if you are the one writing it… in this NOW moment we are FOCUSING our full LOVE LIGHT onto YOU.


Close your eyes and take a deep—slow— IN breath.
Feel the Beingness of the ONE Conscious BREATH
of ALL that there IS
fill you
Fill your vessel as you draw this Conscious ONE BREATH in, to fill all spaces, all places, all aspects of YOU.

See this ONE Conscious BREATH as living light and imagine now in your minds eye the illuminated body of your light body, shining from within and beneath the layer of your skin.
Feel the warmth of this light as it shines through the thin membrane of your skin.
Feel it spilling to every part of your body, see it filling the empty spaces between your cells,
feel it slipping over and around your cells as each particle becomes sheathed in a capsule of light
until all parts of you, the dark and the light,
are shimmering with this new effervescent love light.

all this you FEEL and understand as you draw in that first—deep—IN breath

Hold that ALL conscious breath
and feel its omnipotent nature unfold within you,
for it IS you.
You are the light effervescent.

Become consciously aware of the all knowing presence within that ONE BREATH.
You are in this NOW moment becoming awake to your own Beigness.
For you ARE that one breath expressing itself as you
and offering that unique perspective back into the ONE Conscious ALL
of ALL that there IS.
Within that pause, between the in-breath and the out-breath, resides the calm centre of the ONE Conscious Mind, the ONE conscious Heart of ALL that there IS,
ALL that you are.

Begin to slowly—exhale,
and feel within that exhale a release of aspects of you into the collective ONE breath.
The exhale is your personal offering of your Divine perspective to the unified collective of the ALL ONE BREATH of ALL that there IS.
Your breath is as unique as the most intricate ice crystal, and yet far beyond that, and is the physical manifestation of your infinite oneness with ALL that IS.
For you are sustained and nourished by the IN and the OUT
but your true nature resides within the silent space, within the calm centre, that is ALL of it.

so within
so without
so inside you
so outside you
That is the divine nature of what you are.

Allow the nourishing flow of ALL that there IS sustain you in this now moment and all moments that follow.

—and breath—

With all the love that is available to us in this now infinite moment,
we are beaming that love to you now.
Know that we will never give you more than what you have asked for.
Allow time for rest as you adjust yourself to this new place of vibrational resonance with ALL that there IS,
into full alignment with your TRUE Source SELF.
We are in harmonic convergence as we communicate, regardless of when you come across this transmission in your personal journeying.
For we are in communion with all those that are ready, with all those that are awaking to their true Divine SELF.
As you allow this to BE your new understanding,
as you allow this to BE your new realization,
your vibration is, in that moment of allowing, tuning itself to this new higher frequency wave
and as such you are becoming lighter in all aspects within the etheric and the realized self.

You are indeed becoming THAT.



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