The fastest route to INFINITE INTELLIGENCE

~~~take a moment to get comefertable, and take a deep breath in, as you allow all the tension in your body to just fall away…relax…and let your breath flow easily from your relaxed jaw…keep this slow, steady breath…in and out… to bring you deeper and deeper into a state of acceptance and deep allowing~~~

…and breath…

….deeper and deeper….


Let the flow of us come through with ease and grace as you breath.
This is not the what you have to worry about, we are currently downloading a new perspective into your awareness.
You will shortly in your time, experience a powerful rush of energy flow though your body, and indeed we feel this already begin within you as you allow this transmission to accelerate.
Allow this flood of energy to move through you now as you soften your body and relax your muscles.


As you choose the most comfortable place for your body to be, your body is brought into alignment with its highest version of self.
It is through ease that we wish to move you,
for you have asked it to be so.

And so, we lovingly guide you to take the path of most comfort, most relaxation, most allowing and within this state of easy allowing the things you have been waiting for will flow into realization.

The way to us is direct


Self love is the fastest way to connect with INFINITE INTELLIGENCE
In your frequency of self loving you are in ALIGHTMENT ~here we combine the words alignment and light, for indeed they are one and the same~ so in that state,

you are in that moment fully connected, plugged in, into the ALL THAT IS,


As you love yourself more and more, you begin to TRUST yourself more and more,
and trust transforms easily into KNOWING, it is the natural flow of SELF LOVE

Love can not help wanting to always feel better and better, that is loves true nature.
Love wants to keep loving.
And as it does this, for it can not move in any other way, it grows unto itself, it grows like a snowball rolling down a gentle mountain slope, growing ever steady in that direction.


It leaves out no details and loves each piece with equal measure.
And the more it loves the more it loves.
And the more it loves, the more it desires to love.

Because love is ever expanding and always moving outwards from its center.



so WITHIN… what you are within…what you are in this now moment feeling about yourself, thinking about yourself, is being reflected to you in the world outside of yourself, so WITHOUT

You are a beacon, shining your energetic light out into the OMNIVERSE.
As you tune your SELF to the frequency of love, of self loving, of appreciating yourself and supporting yourself, when you begin to be your best friend, when the balance of positive thoughts outweighs those that diminish you…and we go on a little here to illustrate that whatever your ways of getting to that feeling place of Loving SELF are …use them.
They are each and ALL valid and useful, as they are your personal tools to reach US, to reach that HIGHEST VERSIONS OF YOU
for you are A-PART-OF-US


We are all connected,
a family of light,
THE GALACTIC FAMILY OF LIGHT of which you are a member.

We welcome you to this table as we sit once more together here in this now moment.
Allow this new flow of energy to fill you and allow your body to relax as we adjust your light quotient.
We are now going to steam more light energy into your solar star chakra…


we are so in love, dear one
we are in love
in all ways

This is the root frequency of this table.
This is the frequency that we vibrate on ALL of the time.
Time here of course, in the way we know it… as infinite and complete.
In our eyes all things are already done.

It is time to find balance.
It is time for you to practice,
to practice those things that make you feel wonderful.

Which means, if you are doing something that does not feel good, stop doing that.
If you are thinking something that does not feel good, stop thinking that.
If you find yourself in an interaction with another that does not feel good, take yourself out of that scenario and release the drama that brings about more and more feelings of not feeling good.

Here is another way to see it, another perspective that will give you better and better feelings about the same topic.

Which means, start each day intending to feel good, and praise yourself after EVERY success in that direction. That small gesture of self appreciation opens the floodgates to the flow of more and more love.
And as you feel better and better, soon you will see more and more evidence, more and more reflections, more and more things in your world that shine back that love to you.

You will notice things that are good, because you will be feeling good, and in that good feeling it is easy to see good things.
And if by chance you come across something that no longer pleases you, you will easily find your way back to that stream of loving flow.


That is the beauty of LOVE
LOVE is self knowing
and it is always leading you back to its center.
And here we will shine more light for you, to lead you to this next realization

the center is YOU

The more you love yourself the more you will know this as TRUE.


ask yourself

What would LOVE do NOW?
and do that

Trust that we have heard your call and have answered
we are here to help
we are here to guide
we are here to offer ourselves to you

For you are AWAKENING to a new version of YOU
one that will include US
and in this union we ALL ascend

singular in our individuality and UNIFIED in our collective consciousness

you are doing splendidly
you are magnificent in ALL your infinite aspects
you are in this manifested form still connected and ONE with ALL that IS, for as the fingers are always part of the hand and the hand is always part of the arm, so too are you always part of ALL of it
and as such a part of US

we are your family
distant cousins in the outer galactic reaches of space
where you have not yet even imagined too, for we see the boundaries of your current imaginings and encourage you to begin to dream once more
you are a day dreamer
that is how you create
that is how you are


Let the dreams of your imagination pepper the pages with words that weave themselves into glorious stories, and begin to write yourself anew.
you are this

and so it IS

we love you
we love you
we love you

we are your family
we are your brothers and sisters
we are your fathers and mothers
Let the dreams you dream fly you in new directions, past those boundaries you had once believed to be there, for indeed there are no boundaries in creation
no bounds


we love you



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