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Our Living Body

The body is now AWARE and LISTENING intently to EVERYTHING we say and think about the World and especially about ourselves.

It is time to develop a new dialogue with ourselves, with the very communities of cells that make up the totality of WHO WE ARE.


👉TAP on your forehead and then your heart as you repeat these words until you ‘feel’… which means SENSATE a visceral feeling within your body… whatever that may be, know that you are in the process of opening the delicate dialogue, a new bridge of trust, between your conscious thinking you, and your manifested physical you 💗

I now release myself from my belief that my body is limited

I now release myself from my fears around my body

I now release myself form and all, from all the ways I judge myself and my life

✋❤ now place your hand on your heart and repeat…


My whole being, MY WHOLE BODY, is being RESTORED to perfect HEALTH and HARMONY.

I am not just a body.

I HAVE a body, and when I become PRESENT IN MY BODY, as I am doing right now, I AM FULLY PRESENT TO MYSELF 💚🌿

It’s time to ☯️💕


You are Evolving

We are all busy creating and re-creating ourselves. We are painting our houses, clearing out others peoples garbage to create a new world around us… a new reality.

And we are not alone.

Along the infinite stretches of collective consciousness a new signal is making itself known to ALL WHO HAVE EARS TO LISTEN.

It tolls a new song, a message… TRANSMISION of INFINTE LOVE… and the opportunity of ALL THOSE PRESENT to participate in a MASS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

The pulse is both a herald and an instigator or IGNITOR, as it lifts your consciousness and lights the fire of your internal passions. What that means for you, and ALL those who are currently present and physical (although ALL who participate, SOLID AND NON-SOLID BENEFIT) ALL will find great upliftment during these elevated times.

You are evolving.


And everything that you are currently participating in, all the things that matter to you, MATTER because you deem it so.

You create your reality.

In all forms and in all possible instances. This part of you is SET, it is the INNATE BLUEPRINT OF WHAT YOU ARE.

Your very existence is proof to this, as everything that exists, only does so through the EXTERNAL YOU, the OBSERVER.

So please… stop fearing your own creations, your own life, and witness the INHERENT PERFECTION and RIGHT TIMING of the Omniverse.


See yourself as sacred, and divine, and wholly complete.

There is nothing broken inside you.

You are exactly as you have created yourself to be. So curse yourself not, and release yourself from your unconscious creation.

Be aware that you are powerful, and the words that you speak, inwardly then outwardly, quickly become your truth.

So speak wisely and always in your favour… always with you, so never without.

L💗ve yourself as truly and deeply as your first romance… and never let that go.

Some things we release, and some things we hold onto. Hold onto that feeling, that pure love, that pure emotion, and make THAT your new normal.



with all my love,



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Good morning beautiful souls… may you shine your light into every corner of the world… as you remember who you are…

This #DriversSeatLift is for you…

“So repeat to yourself often, and to the point that you actually feel these words in your body viscerally…

I am a good person.
I am a loving person.
I am goodness, compassion, mercy, and understanding.
I am peace, joy, and light.
I am a big, big love.
More and more, I understand how I move in this creative Multiverse.
I am whole and complete.


Take a little time, and let this all settle in.


#DriversSeat #ItsTime to #GiveUpPain and become the best version of yourself in the physical time space #reality


Source: CHAGA & Personal Transformation~Includes a Chaga Recipe!

CHAGA & Personal Transformation

Transformation ~ “A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.”

To say that Chaga has helped change my life, is saying it lightly.  

In truth, Chaga has been the fundamental building block that comprises my overall well-being.


Chaga has transformed me inside and out.


As in all things us, we never perceive what is in our own best interest at the time.

So at the time, I could not have known that by making the decision to add such a simple component to my daily life, my whole way of living would be affected.

There are so many advantages to adding Chaga to your life, and lots of research and information out on the internet to support the nutritional benefits that Chaga provides.

So today, rather than just going over the many benefits of Chaga,

I would like to give you a clearer picture of just how Chaga helped transform my life.

Because I understand that although we have unique identities, and the details of our lives are different in many ways, ultimately we are more alike then different.

And so I also know, and trust, that in the same way that Chaga has helped me shift forward, it can do the same for you.

So let me share with you, what drinking Chaga daily has done for me.

Almost right away, I noticed a marked change in my ability to feel clear.

It was like a fine gauze lifted from my brain; a fogginess I hadn’t even realized was there.I suddenly felt mentally sharp, more agile in my thinking, and ability to process information. Overall, I felt more centered, less overwhelmed with my own emotions and with the details of my life.

Within a few days of drinking it, (and I’d like to add, that I love to do things fully, so I drink Chaga all through the day. I had…and to this day we continue to have, a hot pot of Chaga on our stove-top available for drinking all day long. Because Chaga has no saturation limit, I found that the more I drank, the better I felt.) I felt a noticeable increase in my energy, and a surprising decrease in my appetite. I felt less and less hungry.

But it was gradual, so with time, I noticed myself reaching more for the Chaga and less for snacks to satisfy my inner hunger.

This lead to a gradual, natural shift in my body composition, as excess weight began to dissolve and be released, as my body, little by little, let go the many toxins that had accumulated over time inside my cells, creating a new inner balance within me.

I noticed that my stomach began to regulate, and my ability to process and eliminate the food that I ate became regular and consistent.

This was a huge improvement in my life, as my stomach and digestion had become a regular problem and point of personal frustration.

I found my cravings for sugar decreased as the Chaga stabilised my insulin levels. And as a result,  I no longer needed the daily over the counter pain medicine I had gotten accustomed to taking in order to manage my overall discomfort and pain.

Suddenly, and with little physical effort, I found myself full of energy and vitality. I felt an over all ‘better feeling’ as my whole body adjusted to this new, less toxic environment.

My body was shifting to match my new found mental vitality!


I think the important thing to highlight here, is that as my body detoxified and found a new harmonious balance, I was innately drawn in the direction of deeper self exploration to find balance in other ways, and in other areas of my life.

Chaga was the seed in fertile soil; the catalyst to my deepening inward exploration.

The gradual, gentle detoxification and balancing of my body allowed me the clarity of mind to finally manage and take hold of my thoughts and emotions, which ultimately make up the basis of who I am, and how my life evolves.

It gave me the motivation to strive further, and to adopt an overall healthier attitude towards my body, which opened more pathways and opportunities to better myself and improve the overall quality of my life.

Over the years, Chaga has become an integral and important part of our life, and we’ve found many fun and delicious ways to incorporate Chaga into our diets, with recipes that delight even the most finicky eaters.

I’d like to share with you our family favorite Extra Creamy Chaga & Cauliflower Soup, a recipe that will be featured in my upcoming book;

Chaga, Channeling & the Art of Intuitive Eating ~ A Chaga Cookbook for the Illuminated Soul

This extra creamy cauliflower soup is a powerhouse of goodness, made all the more special with the addition of Chaga and turmeric, making it one of the most delicious and effective ways to detoxify and nourish your whole family!


For this recipe you will need;

2-3 cups prepared Chaga tea

2 cauliflower heads

1 medium sweet onion

3 garlic cloves

1 medium carrot

½ tsp raw turmeric root, peeled & chopped

3 medium sized potatoes

TBSP organic coconut oil

TBSP organic butter

 1 vegetable bouillon cube (We love the GoBio Organic Bouillon cubes)

2 cups cream, milk, or any dairy, non-dairy alternative (in a pinch, a can of evaporated milk works great!)

Salt & pepper to taste


1 ~Prepare and set aside 2 cups of Chaga tea, (we recommend brewing your Chaga in a large pot on your stove-top, making Chaga available to you and your family throughout the day; 1~2 tablespoons of fresh ground Chaga powder in a tea bag, to a large soup pot of spring water)

While hot, dissolve the vegetable bouillon in the Chaga tea, and set aside.

 2~ Chop up Cauliflower and potatoes into small pieces, set aside.

 3~ Place chopped onion, garlic, turmeric and butter into a large pot, and sauté over medium heat until the onions become translucent.

 4~ Add chopped potatoes and cauliflower, and sauté for another 10 minutes, making sure    that everything becomes evenly browned.

 5~ Now add the remaining milk, coconut oil, and prepared Chaga broth, and turn up the heat to bring everything to a boil. (If you prefer a thicker soup, cut the amount of Chaga or milk you add).

6~ Turn down the heat to medium~low and allow to simmer until the cauliflower and carrots are very soft.

7~ Let cool slightly, and puree with a hand blender until no lumps remain.

*If you decide to use a blender, or food processor, remember to let your soup cool all the way. Remove from the stove and allow to fully cool, otherwise it will create a creamy soup mess all over you and your counter.

 Add Salt & Pepper to taste, and Enjoy!


Ultimately we are the only ones who either allow or reject something, and no one can ever ‘make us’ do anything that we ourselves don’t want to do. So no manner of convincing on my part will fully move you unless you so want to be moved.

Therefore, I can only speak form my own personal positive experience, and of that of all those who have also chosen to add Chaga, or any other positive modality into their lives.

Once that choice is made, the positive momentum it creates in your life will far outweigh the initial hesitation to ‘try something new’. 

So take the plunge, and give yourself permission to try something new.

And just like me…you might discover, that you did not see the full potential of this new component in your life.

All the best to you, and enjoy your Chaga!

Kasia Kaminska.

  • Chaga is treasured and prized throughout the world and over harvesting has depleted Chaga supplies in many other countries. This is why we stand so strongly behind protecting this valuable resource here in Northern Ontario, by sustainable harvesting & educating the public to promote the re-growth of Chaga. When harvested properly, Chaga can be an on-going resource  for decades to come. There are over 340 research papers written on the benefits of drinking Chaga Tea daily .

 To order Kaminska Chaga online go to


Kasia Kaminska is a Wholistic Physical Therapist & Intuitive, providing Clear Guidance to help dissolve inner limitations and blockages in order to create the life of your Personal Choosing. Together with her partner

Dan Brooks~ EFT Master, Kasia and Dan have dedicated themselves to helping all those who are asking.

 “It is our intention and sincere desire to bring CLARITY and ACTUAL RELEIF to all those who are ready to receive it.”

 For questions about Chaga, Ascension, or to schedule a personal reading with Kasia, please call us at 705-757-4268


Dearest friends, No doubt you have all been feeling the great upsurge of energy, as all around us the world is shifting in ever unexpected and sometimes stressful ways.

Source: STRESS and the Awakening Soul

ANY constriction, causes you to temporarily disconnect from your Highest Version of SELF, in the moment of THINKING or doing. It quite literally stops you from being Who You Are

You are the God you Seek

My dearest friends, the following is a Channeled message for all those who are on the Enlightened path. In these times of change, we must all hold true to our very beingness, and shine the light of…

Source: You are the God you Seek

You are the God you Seek

My dearest friends, the following is a Channeled message for all those who are on the enlightened path.

In these times of change, we must all hold true to our very beingness, and shine the light of unconditianality, of love, appreciation, and understanding as those we love wake up around us. Hold true to your inner intentions, and know that the path laid out for you IS your perfect path. You are here because you feel inside you a deep desire to be of service, and that means You yourself have endured much. And so, we offer the following words to sooth your hearts and minds. Love yourself first and foremost, and watch as that inner love spills forth and flows out into your personal inner and outer reality. 

with all my love, Kasia

You are far more valuable that you belive; so you have trapped yourself in a loop of less-than-ness that we are not able to forcibly break through.

You must allow you to be right.

That means that sometimes you have to get it wrong,

That means that sometimes you don’t do it perfectly.

But that means that you have the ability, the capacity to move in another direction and do what needs to be done in order for you to FEEL BETTER.

We can not emphasize how important it is to KEEP YOUR BODY HEALTHY!

Please do not kill the very vessel that assures your ongoing stay here in this physical world environment.

you are real, and you live in an environment of cause and effect. What you do matters.

That is a fact.

The world has made you think that the world is not real.

This is confusing not at all.

Although you may find it confusing at first

Let that go as well…and know that All IS as it is,

and you have little to do now, than to follow your own private pathway. That means you get to live your life the way you want to, not under anyone’s control.


And that has not happened on your planet for a very long time.

This is a grand, truly new consciousness awakening and what is ahead of you is far more than what lies behind. So know that as you expand and become MORE, which you are already on the pathway to, because you can not be, or do, or have anything, that you do not believe you can have, be, or do.


what you belive

you live

and BE

what you BE

you ARE

what you are

you BE

and get more and more and more of that.

do you see????

So what is your new story?

What do you want to live next?

What do you choose?

Do you realize that in not loving yourself enough to answer those questions, you leave yourself open to the influence of others. For in your uncertainty about YOU, you give others the room to maneuver you. You allow them to shift your perception about yourself. And worse yet, you believe them, and take ownership of their misconception of you. Which is only, and EVER, a direct REFLECTION of themselves. Because they are always, and ONLY seeing themselves as they look at you. And they will do that, until they do not. And when they finally see past their own pain, and their own victimhood, and truly when they can see the other past themselves, then… and only than… will the FULLY SEE YOU.

But in order for them to know what that looks like, you must first SEE YOU

and hold true that to vision

hold true to that knowing

of what and who you are

and continue to BE THAT.

Even if what you SEE outside your self, is not at first showing you evidence of that new awareness. Than, especially than, hold steady and strong, to this new understanding of you. So that, in this new steady thought, you begin to find a firm footing, and every day, in every way… you truly DO feel better and better… and in that feeling better, you BE more and more. Because your path is already set, and your fazers have been set to ENLIVEN. And as you shoot your light~love pulse into this ever changing and every expanding world… new things… things yet unknown… will happen… and we will all eagerly await your ‘arrival’ as you make your way down the pathway of what you now call your life.

This isn’t a fake story that you’ve created in your inner mind… this is the REAL story of a life lived in full deciding, as story and reality intermingle, in an exquisite and often times delicious way.

Have fun

what more need be said…

have fun and let go of the pain instead

we like to rhyme

simply because you do

because we are you

and you






you and you

on and on

and on


Lets restate this, because it needs to be said… what you believe about yourself, you project out and it reflects back to you in the experiences you have with others, who are in truth, the only other true thing. Because outside of the other, all else is the active co~creative environment you deem as ‘real world’.

And it IS REAL

but what you consider real, your interpretation of real, is so off… and we say that with all the love in the multiverse. WE don’t want to challenge you in this perception, we simply want to say that what you consider solid and real, even that building you see with your physical eyes, is to a degree, real and unreal. It exists and is already gone, on

What does that mean?

It is and is not. As all things are.

It just depends where you are currently looking, what point in ‘time’ are you focusing on

or in your experience, what point in ‘time’ are you currently living or experiencing?

Because you are shifting timelines more than you currently understand but you are nonetheless,

and so you have shifted yourself many times, and so the path you understand as you daily path is you shifting yourself to here and now.

Consider the micro, macro phenomenon… on a small, micro level the speed at which things are experienced will be vastly different that at the large, macro level. Both are valid and both are REAL, and yet both exist individual from the other. Now consider this on an ongoing level in BOTH DIRECTIONS…INFINITUM.

That means that there is a multitude of realities, each playing itself out in vastly different and yet similar ways, each always effected by the other, implying a uniformity of collective experiences along the evolutionary scale… which travels in infinity in both directions…inner and outer… so within, so without… and so on and so on… and as you say… forEVER.

So there is no ‘better than’ there is no right or wrong… and yes, we are ALL CONNECTED.

How can it be any other way…

See the perfection in that, and your valuable placement among the many who, as you, have placed themselves FIRST, to fully encompass this NEW change. NEW for you… yes, lovely one… for you are a chain in a link that is so grand and so vast, that you yourself can not yet truly comprehend it, but which is so true that the very inkling of your comprehension, allows for a deeper connection TO IT. And as you tap TAP yourself free, as you tap yourself, FREE… you let us, which is all of us… which is all of you… IN

Channeled and Published by Kasia Kaminska.

a note from Kasia and Dan

You are MORE THANWe wouldn’t have such a large audience if it wasn’t for all of you who continuously support us by Sharing, Subscribing and supporting our work.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do, and please keep it up! We love you.

We challenge you, because we know you enjoy a little challenge, to practice…what you preach.

Source: Entering the Receptive Mode

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