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About Kasia & Dan

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

We are so excited to share this beautiful space with all of you, and we couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to bring together our home and our work …

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Source: You are a Powerful Creator

Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Source: Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

the Answer to ALL Questions

LOVE is the Answer, the ANSWER is Love


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the Language of the Body

“You need to let go and forgive and understand that your body is communicating with you, because it too has an active calling and it too is always reaching into alignment with SOURCE.
So that what you are ‘feeling’ both emotionally and in the body as physical pain
is in fact just the dialogue, the verbiage of your vessel.”

Source: the Language of the Body

The on-going conversations with DAVID

The New Age of Understanding

Source: The New Age of Understanding

New PTSD Workshop Available for Booking

Source: New PTSD Workshop Available for Booking

Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Please join us this November 25th, for our upcoming Workshop, and see the world around you change to reflect a NEW YOU!
Source: Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Our CHAGA Products

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