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You are the God you Seek

My dearest friends, the following is a Channeled message for all those who are on the enlightened path.

In these times of change, we must all hold true to our very beingness, and shine the light of unconditianality, of love, appreciation, and understanding as those we love wake up around us. Hold true to your inner intentions, and know that the path laid out for you IS your perfect path. You are here because you feel inside you a deep desire to be of service, and that means You yourself have endured much. And so, we offer the following words to sooth your hearts and minds. Love yourself first and foremost, and watch as that inner love spills forth and flows out into your personal inner and outer reality. 

with all my love, Kasia

You are far more valuable that you belive; so you have trapped yourself in a loop of less-than-ness that we are not able to forcibly break through.

You must allow you to be right.

That means that sometimes you have to get it wrong,

That means that sometimes you don’t do it perfectly.

But that means that you have the ability, the capacity to move in another direction and do what needs to be done in order for you to FEEL BETTER.

We can not emphasize how important it is to KEEP YOUR BODY HEALTHY!

Please do not kill the very vessel that assures your ongoing stay here in this physical world environment.

you are real, and you live in an environment of cause and effect. What you do matters.

That is a fact.

The world has made you think that the world is not real.

This is confusing not at all.

Although you may find it confusing at first

Let that go as well…and know that All IS as it is,

and you have little to do now, than to follow your own private pathway. That means you get to live your life the way you want to, not under anyone’s control.


And that has not happened on your planet for a very long time.

This is a grand, truly new consciousness awakening and what is ahead of you is far more than what lies behind. So know that as you expand and become MORE, which you are already on the pathway to, because you can not be, or do, or have anything, that you do not believe you can have, be, or do.


what you belive

you live

and BE

what you BE

you ARE

what you are

you BE

and get more and more and more of that.

do you see????

So what is your new story?

What do you want to live next?

What do you choose?

Do you realize that in not loving yourself enough to answer those questions, you leave yourself open to the influence of others. For in your uncertainty about YOU, you give others the room to maneuver you. You allow them to shift your perception about yourself. And worse yet, you believe them, and take ownership of their misconception of you. Which is only, and EVER, a direct REFLECTION of themselves. Because they are always, and ONLY seeing themselves as they look at you. And they will do that, until they do not. And when they finally see past their own pain, and their own victimhood, and truly when they can see the other past themselves, then… and only than… will the FULLY SEE YOU.

But in order for them to know what that looks like, you must first SEE YOU

and hold true that to vision

hold true to that knowing

of what and who you are

and continue to BE THAT.

Even if what you SEE outside your self, is not at first showing you evidence of that new awareness. Than, especially than, hold steady and strong, to this new understanding of you. So that, in this new steady thought, you begin to find a firm footing, and every day, in every way… you truly DO feel better and better… and in that feeling better, you BE more and more. Because your path is already set, and your fazers have been set to ENLIVEN. And as you shoot your light~love pulse into this ever changing and every expanding world… new things… things yet unknown… will happen… and we will all eagerly await your ‘arrival’ as you make your way down the pathway of what you now call your life.

This isn’t a fake story that you’ve created in your inner mind… this is the REAL story of a life lived in full deciding, as story and reality intermingle, in an exquisite and often times delicious way.

Have fun

what more need be said…

have fun and let go of the pain instead

we like to rhyme

simply because you do

because we are you

and you






you and you

on and on

and on


Lets restate this, because it needs to be said… what you believe about yourself, you project out and it reflects back to you in the experiences you have with others, who are in truth, the only other true thing. Because outside of the other, all else is the active co~creative environment you deem as ‘real world’.

And it IS REAL

but what you consider real, your interpretation of real, is so off… and we say that with all the love in the multiverse. WE don’t want to challenge you in this perception, we simply want to say that what you consider solid and real, even that building you see with your physical eyes, is to a degree, real and unreal. It exists and is already gone, on

What does that mean?

It is and is not. As all things are.

It just depends where you are currently looking, what point in ‘time’ are you focusing on

or in your experience, what point in ‘time’ are you currently living or experiencing?

Because you are shifting timelines more than you currently understand but you are nonetheless,

and so you have shifted yourself many times, and so the path you understand as you daily path is you shifting yourself to here and now.

Consider the micro, macro phenomenon… on a small, micro level the speed at which things are experienced will be vastly different that at the large, macro level. Both are valid and both are REAL, and yet both exist individual from the other. Now consider this on an ongoing level in BOTH DIRECTIONS…INFINITUM.

That means that there is a multitude of realities, each playing itself out in vastly different and yet similar ways, each always effected by the other, implying a uniformity of collective experiences along the evolutionary scale… which travels in infinity in both directions…inner and outer… so within, so without… and so on and so on… and as you say… forEVER.

So there is no ‘better than’ there is no right or wrong… and yes, we are ALL CONNECTED.

How can it be any other way…

See the perfection in that, and your valuable placement among the many who, as you, have placed themselves FIRST, to fully encompass this NEW change. NEW for you… yes, lovely one… for you are a chain in a link that is so grand and so vast, that you yourself can not yet truly comprehend it, but which is so true that the very inkling of your comprehension, allows for a deeper connection TO IT. And as you tap TAP yourself free, as you tap yourself, FREE… you let us, which is all of us… which is all of you… IN

Channeled and Published by Kasia Kaminska.

a note from Kasia and Dan

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Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do, and please keep it up! We love you.

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with Love & Light

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with Love & Light

~Kasia Kaminska

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