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You are Evolving

We are all busy creating and re-creating ourselves. We are painting our houses, clearing out others peoples garbage to create a new world around us… a new reality.

And we are not alone.

Along the infinite stretches of collective consciousness a new signal is making itself known to ALL WHO HAVE EARS TO LISTEN.

It tolls a new song, a message… TRANSMISION of INFINTE LOVE… and the opportunity of ALL THOSE PRESENT to participate in a MASS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

The pulse is both a herald and an instigator or IGNITOR, as it lifts your consciousness and lights the fire of your internal passions. What that means for you, and ALL those who are currently present and physical (although ALL who participate, SOLID AND NON-SOLID BENEFIT) ALL will find great upliftment during these elevated times.

You are evolving.


And everything that you are currently participating in, all the things that matter to you, MATTER because you deem it so.

You create your reality.

In all forms and in all possible instances. This part of you is SET, it is the INNATE BLUEPRINT OF WHAT YOU ARE.

Your very existence is proof to this, as everything that exists, only does so through the EXTERNAL YOU, the OBSERVER.

So please… stop fearing your own creations, your own life, and witness the INHERENT PERFECTION and RIGHT TIMING of the Omniverse.


See yourself as sacred, and divine, and wholly complete.

There is nothing broken inside you.

You are exactly as you have created yourself to be. So curse yourself not, and release yourself from your unconscious creation.

Be aware that you are powerful, and the words that you speak, inwardly then outwardly, quickly become your truth.

So speak wisely and always in your favour… always with you, so never without.

L💗ve yourself as truly and deeply as your first romance… and never let that go.

Some things we release, and some things we hold onto. Hold onto that feeling, that pure love, that pure emotion, and make THAT your new normal.



with all my love,



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Your Invitation

Channeled and transcribed  with love and the deepest desire to share this message of awakening, and invite all those who are asking to this open dialogue with Source.I invite you to post any questions you may have below, and it will be my sincere pleasure to tap into Source and allow the answer to flow forward for you. With love and light Kasia Kaminska

Source: Your Invitation

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Inspired by the growing feeling that love is all that there is…truly… and that this heart is ready to be filled by it

My Sacred Space

Welcome to my Sacred Space <3
Welcome to my Sacred Space ❤
My Sacred Space.

My Sacred Space



As emotion peaks and clouds the mind, I come to this place yet again to connect, or rather to reconnect with that part of myself that seems most out of reach when I feel this way. Here beneath this shimmering, golden canopy I can breath.

I have a favorite place, my sacred tree circle, made up of three, mature trees; a cedar, a pine and an old maple. The spot has been hit by lightening in two places at foot of the maple, leaving streaks of turquoise where another cedar had stood adjoined to the base.

I don’t remember what originally drew me here, but when I stepped into this sacred space something shifted inside me, and I knew I need not walk further.

So I stayed, and I’ve been coming back to this space for over a year, finding each time a new way to enjoy it, a new comfortable patch of earth to lay upon. There’s been times when, wrapped in a blanket I’ve fallen asleep here, sometimes in the snow, sometimes on leaves, but always feeling as though I was being cradled by loving arms. Even now this remains true, as I lay here in my striped fluffy blanket, the sky moving from white to blue as suddenly the sun breaks through the canopy above. Just now a red headed woodpecker landed above me, I can feel the tapping of its beak pulsing through the roots below me.
And there it is, that instant feeling of connection. In the act of sharing this place with you, I have activated within myself a great rush of love, as I begin to really appreciate the moment I am in.
The wind just burst through the forest, as though it’s trying to get somewhere and as it rushes past it sends a wave of leaves floating down on me.
I wish u could hear the sound, sometimes like a wave roaring through, and others like applause, a grand standing ovation as the trees dance wildly above me.

So I take a deep breath, or two, or three…or however many I need until I feel filled with this love. Until I feel ready, and steady within it, so that it imprints on my heart memory, like a photograph that I can go back to, time and time again as I decide, as I need to, as I move through my day.

With all my love & light

We are Love
We are Loved
We are One within this Love

Namaste and may your day be filled with light, love and many, many deep, steady breaths ❤

Kasia Kaminska UNA Lightweaver



I love you ❤
Thank you for visiting my page & please share, and leave your comments. I’d love to hear how you are moving through this wonderful ascension, this evolution that we are all currently on. Namaste 🙂

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