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A message from UNITY Consciousness, please enjoy today’s Daily Channeled Quote💖🌿


with Love & Light

~Kasia Kaminska

A Message to Humanity

~~~ a note from Kasia ~~~ My dear friends, I tuned in last night and asked for a message of love and expansion to help and guide us along this new Energetic path and this is the message that came though, loud and clear. Source: A Message to Humanity

We challenge you, because we know you enjoy a little challenge, to practice…what you preach.

Source: Entering the Receptive Mode

What is a Channeled Energy Reading?


Source: What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

~Find out where your thoughts are leading you into the future~

To book your own private reading please email me at kasiak(dot)coach(at)gmail(dot)com.

In every moment you are either Living~Expanding or Dying~Contracting, Resisting…but it is ALWAYS your choice.

So know, in every now moment that…

Life is supposed to feel good,YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD…you’re supported, and guided, and always…always connected.Source: Your Life is Supposed to Feel Good

You Create Your Own Reality

I Create my own Reality” …repeat after me…

I Create My OWN Reality

You are an active participant in an ongoing experience, and as you allow this new information to flow into you and become the framework of a new understanding and perception it will also in that wa…

Source: You Create Your Own Reality

The path of love is ALWAYS the path of least resistance and the path that leads instantly into the heart, into the CORE, of who and what you are. There is never a wrong way. But there IS a way that…

Source: the Path of Love with Lead you

About Kasia & Dan

Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

We are so excited to share this beautiful space with all of you, and we couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to bring together our home and our work …

Source: About Kasia & Dan

Friends, its time to Consciously MANIFEST your New Reality

When the flow of energy is not being allowed to flow; in the feeling of overwhelming, in the perception of burden and strife, we momentarily impede the flow of love energy, life force energy, into …

Source: Friends, its time to Consciously MANIFEST your New Reality

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