Awakening to the Light Within

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Anything is Possible! You’re actions are key ~What are you Doing? ~ Do what you Love, Have faith in Yourself and Become passionate about your Life! 🌿Please enjoy today’s Channeled Intuitive Quote🌿 with Love&Light Kasia


You don’t ever give up
Create for yourself in every moment an action and a behaviour that will take you back into that your passion.
You must FEEL passion in order to BE passionate.

Be obsessed about being obsessed, doing the things you love for their own sake to create the reality you prefer, to attract what you prefer.

Immerse yourself
Act things out
Physically act out the scenario that best represents the reality you want
BE what you want.

And above all, trust that your choices are DIVINELY guided, because they are.

Never, not even for a moment, underestimate your own power and the influence You have on the world around you.

Each and everyone of us creates a ripple effect, ourselves being at the centre. The sheer BEINGNESS of our being transmits a ripple out into the multiverse, into the wo…

Source: EveryONE makes a Difference

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