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Anything is Possible! You’re actions are key ~What are you Doing? ~ Do what you Love, Have faith in Yourself and Become passionate about your Life! 🌿Please enjoy today’s Channeled Intuitive Quote🌿 with Love&Light Kasia


You don’t ever give up
Create for yourself in every moment an action and a behaviour that will take you back into that your passion.
You must FEEL passion in order to BE passionate.

Be obsessed about being obsessed, doing the things you love for their own sake to create the reality you prefer, to attract what you prefer.

Immerse yourself
Act things out
Physically act out the scenario that best represents the reality you want
BE what you want.

And above all, trust that your choices are DIVINELY guided, because they are.

A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~

Recently, more and more of my friends have been asking about what I do, or more precisely, what is a Channeled Energetic or Intuitive Reading… so I wanted to shed a little light on what it is that I am now doing and share with you a Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016.

“This my Life’s Work, my passion, and it has taken many years to get here, to be here in this moment, sharing this side of myself with you,  and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with more and more of you who are also seeking a deeper Connection to Source”

Thank you so much for joining me here to share in this message from UNITY Consciousness. We are all ONE and always connected.

with Love & Light,


Source: A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~



Chaga has an abundance of Beta-D-Glucans which help to balance the response of the body’s immune system, which means that Chaga boosts the immune system when necessary, but slows it down when its’ overactive.

Source: KAMINSKA CHAGA Products

Source: You are a Powerful Creator

Awaken to the Magic in YOU

Source: Awaken to the Magic in YOU Welcome to the ongoing Conversations with DAVID

A World of MAGICians

A world of magicians creates a world of magic

Source: A World of MAGICians

A Beautiful Lesson in Love & Abundance


My dear, beautiful friends, I just want to share something wonderful that just happened for me.
I’ve just finished a session with a dear friend and she was so happy by how she felt afterwards that her energy exchange for the session far exceeded that of what I had asked. 
I’m so happy to be sharing my unique skills with such beautiful souls, and this feels like the most amazing affirmation that I am indeed on my right path. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you dear friend and thank you to the Universe for showing me how truly abundant life is. 

I’ve been wonderfully focused on the expansion of my practice these last few weeks, listening to clear guidance from my guides to lead the way. This has been an exciting, busy time and I look forward to sharing more channeled material as it comes through.

Currently my guides are lovingly encouraging me to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. I trust in their loving guidance and so this last little while has been all about meeting one another.
But as the energy changes and the life around me changes to reflect better who and what is I am, the type of transmissions and information that will come through will better reflect that internal and external change.
I’m so excited as I can feel the forward momentum of this, even though I can not see the details of it all yet…and honestly what fun would that be?!

I think if there was a cosmic bumper sticker it should read


…and maybe also ps… Drink lots of water 😉

Just passing along what my guides keep on saying 🙂

I truly love you guys. I’m booking sessions now for Fall.
I’ll post a note soon to give you a clear picture of what I do and how together we will both feel better and better in all ways…always.

You’re wonderful, and marvelous and I’m so happy to be part of this awakening consciousness.

with all my love & blessings

We are Love
We are Loved
We are ONE

Kasia Kaminska ❤
UNA Lightweaver

Connecting with Your Best Day


A warm cup of Chaga tea and connecting with my higher self, two of my favorite ways to start my day 🙂

The habits and rituals we participate in, can and do, affect the overall mood of our day. When you sleep, your overall vibration is reset, you quite literally awake each morning to a new, fresh you. In those first moments of waking you have the opportunity to tune yourself into the frequency, feeling, that you prefer. Rather then just accepting the first thought that streams into your awareness, you can in that moment decide to think about something that makes you feel good. You are the director of your thoughts. 

Did you ever have that feeling as a child when you were so excited or happy about something that you could sense it all through your body?
That’s the kind of feeling you want to create within yourself.

Emotion is a physical experience, felt tangibly throughout the entire body, and as you get better and better at deliberately choosing and feeling those thoughts that make you feel best, you are in that way moving yourself into alignment with experiences and life events that resonate on the same frequency. You are a gorgeous, magnificent, complex magnet, pulling towards you in all now moments, things that reflect back to you what you are thinking and believing.

So then dear friends, decide to start your day feeling great!
Take just a few moments before you get out of bed and imagine…feel… yourself into a better feeling place, and watch how the day unfolds in unexpected and wonderful ways around you.

Have a beautiful day 🙂

with all my love & light

Kasia Kaminska ❤
UNA Lightweaver

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