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Get Ready 💗

Second Video – Events Are Lining Up!

Here is the second video… again, take a deep breath, nothing to fear, simply allow what is already inherently there… we are designed for this process, and with it we become the best of ourselves 🌍🗝💛

This is the link to the video 👇💗🗝

If you find this relevant and it aligned with you, share it with those who you feel may also benefit from knowing this…

Eventually it will touch us all, in one way or another… the world is already more different than it used to be, and we’re to far into this process to deny that things aren’t changing.

But its time to meet these changes with optimism 🌸 and a deep sense of love for life, planet and each other.

Welcome all that comes with an open heart, and let love guide you.

With our love,

🦋 Kasia and Danny 🦋

Our New World of Compassion

T ❤

You are a powerful Creator

Facing Up to Our Fears 💗 NEW video

Hi friends! There’s so much active energy around us, and so much is changing, both inside and out.

Here is a link to our Newest Video, join us for a quick tune-up, as you face your hesitation and release yourself from the tension that is shifting us into and through these Collective events and experiences.

With all our love,


Kasia and Danny 💗

Our Vision & Mission 💕


Dearest friends,

It is with sincere delight that we stand before you and declare our unique Vision and Mission to you… everything we do is Built on this Solid Foundation 💕



To be the World Leaders and Chosen Experts in CLARITY and SYSTEMATICALLY RELEASING All Inner Illusion and Outward Projection of Limitation

To CREATE and Fully Embrace a New Paradigm… a New Politics of COMPASSION, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM & UNITY

OUR MISSION is to bring RELIEF, CLARITY & ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to individuals, to couples in relationships, and families, and to ALL those who are ready to Recieve it


To Mentor and Train Those Who are READY to Embrace This New Paradigm as part of THEIR Vision to Help Others


We are here to Guide, Uplift You, and Inspire You to REMEBER WHO YOU ARE


With all our love,


Kasia Kaminska and Dan Brooks




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