Awakening to the Light Within

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You are a powerful Creator

Choose a Thought that Grows

Let this be a message to you, that you are no less than any that have walked this planet.

And we understand that this is not the first time we have offered these words, but if we don’t say it over and over, you’ll forget, and think that we never offered… so we offer and offer and offer until one day you decide that it is indeed true for you, and in that moment, you allow a new perspective, which is simply a new possibility, into your world, into that which you would call your present life.

So let all that mumbo-jumbo in your head go… you know the stuff; those words that are so negative in nature, like that sentence that just skipped through your mind, whispering nothing of value, yet taking all your feeling-goodness away.

That thought is a thief in the night, and it is, little by little, eroding your sense of inner calm and worthiness.

So treat it likewise, and give it no space in your house.

Let it leave your mind as it should, and invite a new thought to enter… one that grows and unfurls like a flower inside you 🌸 one that is gentle, soft and supportive… one that gives you something in its arrival; a deeper, more satisfying sense-feeling; yes!… it feels so good inside you, this new uplifting thought, so satisfying in its very nature and presence therein.

This is the thought you WANT to keep thinking!

This is the one you water, and make grow🌿

Written-Channeled by Kasia Kaminska 🌸 Ka 💕 #ReadingandRelease

♥️🙏thank you for sharing! #waveoflove


Our Living Body

The body is now AWARE and LISTENING intently to EVERYTHING we say and think about the World and especially about ourselves.

It is time to develop a new dialogue with ourselves, with the very communities of cells that make up the totality of WHO WE ARE.


👉TAP on your forehead and then your heart as you repeat these words until you ‘feel’… which means SENSATE a visceral feeling within your body… whatever that may be, know that you are in the process of opening the delicate dialogue, a new bridge of trust, between your conscious thinking you, and your manifested physical you 💗

I now release myself from my belief that my body is limited

I now release myself from my fears around my body

I now release myself form and all, from all the ways I judge myself and my life

✋❤ now place your hand on your heart and repeat…


My whole being, MY WHOLE BODY, is being RESTORED to perfect HEALTH and HARMONY.

I am not just a body.

I HAVE a body, and when I become PRESENT IN MY BODY, as I am doing right now, I AM FULLY PRESENT TO MYSELF 💚🌿

It’s time to ☯️💕


Breaking Through the CULTURAL Barrier

Upon entering the physical experience those that enter must go through a DIMENSIONAL FILM, a kind of cultural and directional barrier that dictates WHO they will be as they participate in the human experience.

The Cultural Barrier is real, and defines how one ‘sees’ and ‘feels’ the world and all those upon it.

Breaking free of this unlocks a new level of Human Potential, and unlocks our UNLIMITED SELF


👉TAP on your heart and repeat…

I now release myself from the burdens of my culture

I now release myself from my cultural barriers

I now release myself from the restrictions of my culture


🌿please pass the L💗ve along

#ItsTime to #GiveUpPain

You are Evolving

We are all busy creating and re-creating ourselves. We are painting our houses, clearing out others peoples garbage to create a new world around us… a new reality.

And we are not alone.

Along the infinite stretches of collective consciousness a new signal is making itself known to ALL WHO HAVE EARS TO LISTEN.

It tolls a new song, a message… TRANSMISION of INFINTE LOVE… and the opportunity of ALL THOSE PRESENT to participate in a MASS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

The pulse is both a herald and an instigator or IGNITOR, as it lifts your consciousness and lights the fire of your internal passions. What that means for you, and ALL those who are currently present and physical (although ALL who participate, SOLID AND NON-SOLID BENEFIT) ALL will find great upliftment during these elevated times.

You are evolving.


And everything that you are currently participating in, all the things that matter to you, MATTER because you deem it so.

You create your reality.

In all forms and in all possible instances. This part of you is SET, it is the INNATE BLUEPRINT OF WHAT YOU ARE.

Your very existence is proof to this, as everything that exists, only does so through the EXTERNAL YOU, the OBSERVER.

So please… stop fearing your own creations, your own life, and witness the INHERENT PERFECTION and RIGHT TIMING of the Omniverse.


See yourself as sacred, and divine, and wholly complete.

There is nothing broken inside you.

You are exactly as you have created yourself to be. So curse yourself not, and release yourself from your unconscious creation.

Be aware that you are powerful, and the words that you speak, inwardly then outwardly, quickly become your truth.

So speak wisely and always in your favour… always with you, so never without.

L💗ve yourself as truly and deeply as your first romance… and never let that go.

Some things we release, and some things we hold onto. Hold onto that feeling, that pure love, that pure emotion, and make THAT your new normal.



with all my love,



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Releasing Worry and Fear

Good morning our wonderful friends 💕

This morning in doing our own practise we came to a powerful tapping and release… and we’d like to share it with you so that you too may feel the upliftment of your own evolution 🗝🌿


“I now release myself from my worrying and fear”


We understand that as we move from the old story, into the new, as we diligently convince ourselves that we are indeed safe, even though we still sometimes find ourselves in doubt… we know that this FEELS like something, and that you will have to make adjustments along the way to release yourself from the very learning that taught you how to feel and interpret the world.


It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes and begin to see a new future for yourself, a future that is working FOR you and WITH you… a future that syncs up with your ultimate nature which is boundless.


It’s time to trust that everything is happening exactly right for you, and that mourning the loss of something that wasn’t working for you at all, never gave you the positive benefits you had hoped worrying about it would have.


It is time to release your feelings of loss and grief, your self pity and sadness. It is time because you have suffered ENOUGH and to prolong your suffering even for a moment longer, would be unnecessary cruelty that you have never deserved.

We Love You

If you would like to know how to release yourself, visit us at 💕 we’re just a message away

DRIVERS SEAT is in Greece!

Drivers Seat in Greece

“This passed April I had the opportunity to take a trip to Athens and Santorini in Greece. I was already interacting with Drivers Seat in my day-to-day life so of course it had to come with me. I knew the power that Drivers Seat had and the truth that always came from it every time I opened it up, but on this trip that connection intensified.

Since this was a solo trip, and my first one at that, I had some moments where I wanted to feel a tangible connection to someone, something familiar. Drivers Seat was that familiarity that I needed in those moments. Every time I reached for it I noticed new things. I knew that I would always get the perfect message the moment that I opened the book, but this seemed to be much more of a conversation then I was use to. I was delighted to see how the book was evolving into exactly what I needed in that time. This was when things started to get really interesting.

I decided that I was going to play with this new connection. After all life is supposed to be fun! I started a conversation with myself out loud and whenever I would arrive to a question, no matter how big or small, I would open up Drivers Seat. The first time I did this I remember feeling an intense rush of excitement! I sat down on my bed and just stared at the book. Drivers Seat was perfectly answering my question. There was no interpretation needed, the answer was clearly there.

I continued to stare at the book unsure of what to do next. I remember thinking “what just happened, how did that happen, and will it happen again?” I was filled with this new energy, an excitement mixed with curiosity. I closed the book and continued on with what I was doing while I kept speaking out loud. I found myself looking over at Drivers Seat every few seconds and I knew that I had to try this again.

I asked another question “why am I able to connect like this now” and then walked over to Drivers Seat again. I held the book in my hands, closed my eyes, and took a long deep breath. I slowly opened up the book and smiled as I read the words. “Watch as your ability to connect increases… …and the path that once seemed unseeable, …is now CLEARLY laid out.” This was an entirely new experience.
It truly was a surreal feeling to know that I could in fact connect like this at any time. I still had so many questions but I could hardly focus on that. I had actively been trying to increase my ability to connect for a while now in any way. Drivers Seat had become my strongest connection piece to myself, and I could hardly contain my excitement. I was very eager to continue to test this out while I was in these new surroundings.

As I moved around my days I took Drivers Seat with me. After all, we had a new connection so I couldn’t possibly leave it behind. I found myself turning to it more and more in different situations. Drivers Seat had moved from being a beautiful resource when I needed a lift or a direction, to a friend. This new connection that I had found provided so much love and comfort and not just from myself.

This is where things started to get even more magical. I wanted to see if I could channel other people through Drivers Seat, and I tested that like this. I would focus on that person, take a deep breath and rub the book between my hands. Slowly I would open the book up and I would read wherever my eyes landed. I would read the paragraphs or lines until I felt that I no longer needed to and then went about my day. Sometimes I was unsure of what was coming through, or even if it was working at all, until I would connect later to that person.

When I made that connection, they would say something that was extremely similar or exactly what was written in the book. In these moments, I was filled with a huge sense of accomplishment and astonishment. Again, I wanted to see if I really could do this, so I tried this out with three of my friends all on different days, and each time I was validated.

I had previously tried this out with one friend, Kasia, and it had worked in the passed but this was new. This connection was so clear and it was working with more then just Kasia! The energetic exchange had now become undeniable and extended much further then what I had thought I could do in this stage or my awakening.

This connection that I was able to have through Drivers Seat felt like magic. It was something so new to me that I had wanted to be able to do for so long and then, just like that it happened. Drivers Seat elevated my trip to a new level that I didn’t think that I could achieve on my own at that moment in time. I feel so blessed that I was able to have this experience with Drivers Seat.

This book is so much more then that. It is a friend, a light, a pathway, a connection, a tool, a resource, and a reminder. I recommend that anyone who is searching for anything go and get a copy of this beautiful book. The changes that you will see in your life will be exponential in comparison to what you can imagine. I had no idea that I was able to stand as strong and connect as clearly as I am until I fully allowed myself to be open to the possibilities. Drivers Seat is must have for everyone. Watch as it helps you remember and unfold into the ultimate creator that you are.”

All of my love,

Amanda Hawley ~ Cambridge, ON


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