Awakening to the Light Within

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Wake Up from your Virtual Reality

When you allow an industry to dictate your story, you give away your ability to create from a deliberate, conscious way.

Love will Lead the Way

Source: Wake Up from your Virtual Reality

Your Anger Is Your PAIN💗

…you’ve been experiencing a very emotionally BIG day, and there’s lots both inwardly and in your outside world that is helping to add to that overall tension🌩 and although its making sense at the moment to feel this upset, your frustration and anger are only masking a deeper fear💙

So let’s Choose LOVE over fear, and release ourselves from adding to our own pain💗💗 We Love You #waveoflove #youmatter

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Let This Be Magical💖and fun

This has been a BIG day, and you may be feeling like you’re “at-the-end-of-your-rope”💛💛

But you are AMAZING, and this feeling, is just you, adjusting to so many inner and outer changes☀️

So let these words love you back to that better feeling💛💛✨We Love You

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