Awakening to the Light Within

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Release Your Fear of Pain☀️

…there is nothing to worry about, let go of this “offness”💛 let that individual sensation go, and relax knowing you are fine, and that everything you’ve ever done has lead you here☀️💛 this Evolution is happening, and nothing will stop that! Hold true to who you are 💗 and who you are becoming, and let your LOVE SHINE into this World and allow yourself to feel your full potential! ☀️ #waveoflove 💛💛 We Love You
#thebestisyettocome #youmatter

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Who Is Driving🌈You

…every day is a new beginning, but beginnings come in many forms, and not every feeling that comes to us is pleasant, so ultimately, we must decide who is Driving our life…☀️ there is a harmful substance-toxin in our experience, Collectively and individually, in our living and psychic realm, that must be identified and released… What are you truly afraid of? 💛💛as you answer this question you open to a potent, generative, and abundant energy all around you… get excited, you’re closer than you’ve ever been! 🌈☀️🌊 #waveoflove #waveoflight #thebestisyettocome

Positive Changes Are On The Way☀️You’re Beautiful

…dearest friends, 🙏thank you so much for listening, and for sharing these episodes with others, I am SO grateful to each of you who reached out and shared how these words are helping you, and opening you up, we are both so grateful for you✨

We can do it together, by helping ourselves first 💛🌈 #waveoflove YOU MATTER, and although you might still feel afraid of a future you haven’t seen yet, you are safe to create a better future! 🤗😍

Enjoy ✨💛💛✨ We Love You

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