Awakening to the Light Within

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There is BEAUTY in the Process…

There is BEAUTY in You💙

It’s OKAY to have a bad day💙

…we Love You, and we know that some days are harder than others, and that inspite of your best intentions, sometimes you just don’t feel so great. But you’re a powerful creator, and the Collective Whole benefits each time you come out, and up, from those difficult feelings 💙 You matter, and how you feel matters too, especially since we’re all connected 💙💙 So sit back, and relax just for a few moments, and lets release this tension that keeps you from having your best day! 🌊💙 #waveoflove …and remember, #thebestisyettocome 💙💙💙

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You Are On The Cusp Of A NEW PHASE💛Lifting the Veil

✨…the veil lifts, we step forward, and see who, and what we really are; feeling into the active energy that is pulling you, simultaneously, in two seemingly opposite directions. So much has to come to light, and your body is adapting beautifully, but that comes with ‘feeling-sensations’ and can leave you feeling alone with despair and anger at what currently is… 💛💛 but as the unknown becomes known, we are here to lovingly guide you, helping you to create a new story from that old narrative of pain and suffering.☀️Believe in the process… and hold onto your Loving Core✨

Get Ready 💗

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