Awakening to the Light Within

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Stand in Your Truth♡You’re Ready

…to listen to the whole episode, please follow this link👇💛 and Enjoy

Stand in your LOVE

Grand rising our beautiful friends ✨☀️

Remember that LOVE is multidimensional and infinite in nature, it IS who you are…

When you stand in LOVE, you radiate compassion, and the world has to shift to this powerful energy ✨

Today, spend some time in this feeling of LOVE, explore the possibilities as you tRt anything that comes up as a result… this is how you fine-tune your energy, and in that way, life✨

We Love You 💛💛✨

Lost, Now Found

Have you ever lost something?

Did you notice that initial irritation, followed by that feeling of “it’s lost…”

Want to speed up your finding process?

…take a breath, sooth yourself, and reassure yourself that it still exists, and will eventually re-appear!

Then step back and STOP LOOKING FOR IT… simply accept that you’re still on the gentle path to meeting up with it, and that you WILL find it… eventually…

Then go do anything else… but most importantly, change how you FEEL-THINK about ‘IT’ and enjoy the process of aligning with it…

🌈💛 oh and that crystal you see?! That is my favorite, and until just a few moments ago, was lost… or rather, waiting for me to line up with it 🌈✨💎✨#waveoflove #nowhere #now #here

Active Energy Pulse 🌈 How are you feeling?

Dearest friends… you will see below that we are currently experiencing an ongoing energy pulse 👇🌈

Active Energy Pulse 🌈

This is definitely going to be feelable, so take deep breaths often, and if you are feeling aches and pain throughout your body… rest, tap and release the tension in your body caused by anything else that may be adding to the sensitivity of what you’re already feeling as a result of this BIG energy 🦋

🌈 one more thing… last night, I heard clearly in my dream, spoken several times, “LIVING-IN-LOVE IS NOW POSSIBLE” ✨💛✨

You’re safe, and this is a natural process even though it’s new and you’ve never done it this way before. So drink lots of water, and relax… we’re all going to be alright… and when you feel overwhelmed by the energy, repeat these words outloud often, and until you beleive them 👇💕

We Love You

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