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Love yourself into Flight💖🌌


Anything is Possible! You’re actions are key ~What are you Doing? ~ Do what you Love, Have faith in Yourself and Become passionate about your Life! 🌿Please enjoy today’s Channeled Intuitive Quote🌿 with Love&Light Kasia


You don’t ever give up
Create for yourself in every moment an action and a behaviour that will take you back into that your passion.
You must FEEL passion in order to BE passionate.

Be obsessed about being obsessed, doing the things you love for their own sake to create the reality you prefer, to attract what you prefer.

Immerse yourself
Act things out
Physically act out the scenario that best represents the reality you want
BE what you want.

And above all, trust that your choices are DIVINELY guided, because they are.

A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~

Recently, more and more of my friends have been asking about what I do, or more precisely, what is a Channeled Energetic or Intuitive Reading… so I wanted to shed a little light on what it is that I am now doing and share with you a Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016.

“This my Life’s Work, my passion, and it has taken many years to get here, to be here in this moment, sharing this side of myself with you,  and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with more and more of you who are also seeking a deeper Connection to Source”

Thank you so much for joining me here to share in this message from UNITY Consciousness. We are all ONE and always connected.

with Love & Light,


Source: A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~

A message from UNITY Consciousness, please enjoy today’s Daily Channeled Quote💖🌿


with Love & Light

~Kasia Kaminska

today’s Daily Channeled Quote, an ongoing message to Humanity🌎🌿


with Love & Light

~Kasia Kaminska

A Message to Humanity

~~~ a note from Kasia ~~~ My dear friends, I tuned in last night and asked for a message of love and expansion to help and guide us along this new Energetic path and this is the message that came though, loud and clear. Source: A Message to Humanity

You are here because whether you outwardly believe it or not, the greater part of you is Asking


with Love & Light

~Kasia Kaminska


My dear fellow beings, my friends in far off places, I invite you now to reach out and ask your questions and trust that the right answer is waiting, ripe for your receiving. I honestly don’t yet know how this will all turn out, or where this particular conversation will take us, but I can feel even now, as I stand in the infancy of what I consider my calling… that this IS the right path…to trust what I have been channeling now for years, and offer this to you. So with that in mind, and an open heart and eagerness for more, I invite you to reach out, from wherever you may be, and ask… and allow me to be your point of least resistance to the answer.

with Love Kasia

Source: Welcome to CONVERSATIONS with SOURCE as Channeled by Kasia Kaminksa

We challenge you, because we know you enjoy a little challenge, to practice…what you preach.

Source: Entering the Receptive Mode

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