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Friends we’re going to Cambridge!

Join us this Saturday at 1pm at 48 Queen St East, Cambridge Ontario for a transformational Releasing Stress and Trauma Participatory workshop, only a couple spots left!

PM to join the fun!

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We will be in Timmins this Sunday, June 4th!

We are so excited to see all of our friends, new and old, at the upcoming Wholistic Healing Fair in Timmins this June 4th from 10-4.

We will be doing Reading & Release Sessions, and as always we will have our Chaga products and all kinds of fun surprises for you.

Come join us, and discover your innate abilities, blocks, patterns, and beliefs, and develop a greater sense of balance and well-being as we explore your personal lessons and growth opportunities.

Ask us any questions that are most relevant to you right now, and know that we are here to shine light on any situation that matters most to you. 

We are here to empower you, and to guide you to a greater understanding and connection to your Soul; to the totality of Who You Are, so that you may flow with ease and grace down your unique Soul Path.

We are here to open you up, so that you may fully discover all of your potential, and all your possible choices. 

We love you, 

Dan & Kasia ❤

Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Dan Brooks, author of Fear, Phobias and Freedom and Kasia Kaminska, founder of Namaste Energy Centre, navigate you to discover what your internal programs are and how they define the life you are living.

Main Sudbury Library, 74 McKenzie Street Sudbury Ontatio

Wednesday, November 25 @ 6:30 PM

Source: Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

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