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Are you experiencing sudden back-pain?

We’re noticing that many of you are experiencing sudden back pain, body pain, and feeling of pressure…

Hmmm so interesting…

Our feeling, as we tap into the collective, is that the last Schumann spike was an indication that our planet had a big growth spurt. The schuman spike and the sudden growth of our planet happened simultaneously.

Now its been a few days, and we are litterly adjusting and adapting to the change in our gravity.

With an increase of pressure caused by an increase in gravitational force, there is an innate physical need for the body to change as the body HAS to adapt in order to survive.

This sudden feeling of inner and outer change would account for the emotional spike radiating from the hu-kind collective because as the gravitational forces change, and our bodies have to rapidly adjust, there is much sensation, which can be interpreted by one who is already in tension, as pain in the body.

💗So we would suggest that you reassure yourself with new, uplifting statements like…

“I woke up this morning, which means I’ve made the choice to stay! Which means that I am PART of this evolution, and I am eager for all the wonderful things that are yet to BE as I allow myself to flow with this!”

“This is just like learning to walk… I can move through these growing-pains with ease and grace”

“I am guided and protected and so very much loved!”

We L💙ve you

it’s time to tRt – Tap and Release 🗝it’s time to #waveoflove


Source: the ELEMENTAL STUFF   Welcome to todays instalment of Conversations with DAVID, understanding ourselves in relationship to our planet.

A Warm Greeting & Video Introduction

A Warm Greeting and Introduction from Katarzyna Antonina Kaminska, UNA Lightweaver.

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