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What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

Hello everyone… We have some fun announcements coming up and a busy Spring schedule ahead, so if you are thinking about a One~to~One Channeled session with me personally, or with both Dan and myself, it may be a good time to plan ahead and schedule it now. Stay tuned to more information about our upcoming workshops and our ILLUMINATED HEALING PATH

Source: What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~

Recently, more and more of my friends have been asking about what I do, or more precisely, what is a Channeled Energetic or Intuitive Reading… so I wanted to shed a little light on what it is that I am now doing and share with you a Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016.

“This my Life’s Work, my passion, and it has taken many years to get here, to be here in this moment, sharing this side of myself with you,  and I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with more and more of you who are also seeking a deeper Connection to Source”

Thank you so much for joining me here to share in this message from UNITY Consciousness. We are all ONE and always connected.

with Love & Light,


Source: A New way of Reading the Future and a ~Channeled Intuitive Reading for 2016~


My dear fellow beings, my friends in far off places, I invite you now to reach out and ask your questions and trust that the right answer is waiting, ripe for your receiving. I honestly don’t yet know how this will all turn out, or where this particular conversation will take us, but I can feel even now, as I stand in the infancy of what I consider my calling… that this IS the right path…to trust what I have been channeling now for years, and offer this to you. So with that in mind, and an open heart and eagerness for more, I invite you to reach out, from wherever you may be, and ask… and allow me to be your point of least resistance to the answer.

with Love Kasia

Source: Welcome to CONVERSATIONS with SOURCE as Channeled by Kasia Kaminksa


With Love & Light, today’s Daily Channelled Message


What is a Channeled Energy Reading?


Source: What is a Channeled Energy Reading?

~Find out where your thoughts are leading you into the future~

To book your own private reading please email me at kasiak(dot)coach(at)gmail(dot)com.

Friends, its time to Consciously MANIFEST your New Reality

When the flow of energy is not being allowed to flow; in the feeling of overwhelming, in the perception of burden and strife, we momentarily impede the flow of love energy, life force energy, into …

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Kaminska Channeled Energy Tarot Card Reading

Source: Kaminska Channeled Energy Tarot Card Reading

…to every question there is an answer…

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