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Drivers Seat …a time traveling manual

What if…viaDrivers Seat …a time traveling manual

✨A Message to Humanity✨


Wisdom is going to Change this Planet.

And from this new vantage point, from this broader perspective the New Politics of planet Earth will…and MUST BE… COMPASSION, LOVE, UNITY, and  UNDERSTANDING

Source: ✨A Message to Humanity✨

Anything is Possible! You’re actions are key ~What are you Doing? ~ Do what you Love, Have faith in Yourself and Become passionate about your Life! 🌿Please enjoy today’s Channeled Intuitive Quote🌿 with Love&Light Kasia


You don’t ever give up
Create for yourself in every moment an action and a behaviour that will take you back into that your passion.
You must FEEL passion in order to BE passionate.

Be obsessed about being obsessed, doing the things you love for their own sake to create the reality you prefer, to attract what you prefer.

Immerse yourself
Act things out
Physically act out the scenario that best represents the reality you want
BE what you want.

And above all, trust that your choices are DIVINELY guided, because they are.


Today’s Daily Channeled Quote💖🌿


With Love & Light, today’s Daily Channelled Message


You Create Your Own Reality

I Create my own Reality” …repeat after me…

I Create My OWN Reality

You are an active participant in an ongoing experience, and as you allow this new information to flow into you and become the framework of a new understanding and perception it will also in that wa…

Source: You Create Your Own Reality

Friends, its time to Consciously MANIFEST your New Reality

When the flow of energy is not being allowed to flow; in the feeling of overwhelming, in the perception of burden and strife, we momentarily impede the flow of love energy, life force energy, into …

Source: Friends, its time to Consciously MANIFEST your New Reality

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