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Releasing Worry and Fear

Good morning our wonderful friends 💕

This morning in doing our own practise we came to a powerful tapping and release… and we’d like to share it with you so that you too may feel the upliftment of your own evolution 🗝🌿


“I now release myself from my worrying and fear”


We understand that as we move from the old story, into the new, as we diligently convince ourselves that we are indeed safe, even though we still sometimes find ourselves in doubt… we know that this FEELS like something, and that you will have to make adjustments along the way to release yourself from the very learning that taught you how to feel and interpret the world.


It’s time to forgive yourself for past mistakes and begin to see a new future for yourself, a future that is working FOR you and WITH you… a future that syncs up with your ultimate nature which is boundless.


It’s time to trust that everything is happening exactly right for you, and that mourning the loss of something that wasn’t working for you at all, never gave you the positive benefits you had hoped worrying about it would have.


It is time to release your feelings of loss and grief, your self pity and sadness. It is time because you have suffered ENOUGH and to prolong your suffering even for a moment longer, would be unnecessary cruelty that you have never deserved.

We Love You

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“Do not worry that you ‘feel’ differently from yesterday or any other day before it, because that was then and this is NOW.

You have attached emotions to things that mattered not.

And in the moment you decided that you didn’t feel as good, in that deciding… you agreed… and so you, your physical you, your emotional you, and your mental you, also agreed and stepped instantly into this new role.

Are you beginning to see that what you decide in every moment… MATTERS?!”

…a time travelling manual (page 219)

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