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It’s Your Choice

Every day we have the opportunity to turn in the direction of fear or Love…

Fear feels like inertia, a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. It closes us off from the very momentum we crave.

Love on the other hand, inspires forward motion, growth and expansion. Love declares, “I’m Safe, I’m guided and protected!”

Love says Yes to change… knowing all the while that things are always working out for you… even in those moments when you can’t see the future outcome.

Love knows 💗

🌿Please enjoy today’s #DailyRelease and Share this and let’s share the Love


👉Daily Release…

Do not fear the changes you see in your world. You are a wonderful person who is safe and guided and protected.

Tap on the sides of you head and repeat after me…

“I now release myself from my fear of change.

I now release my fear of my ever changing world.”

#DailyRelease #GiveUpPain
#tapping #stress #release #WonderfulThingsAreHappening #TapLikeAMofo

Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Join us THIS WEDNESDAY for this Free Introductory Workshop

Source: Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

This workshop will help you to understand WHY what You are currently living isn’t matching up with what You are feeling and knowing inside.

Source: Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

the Language of the Body

“You need to let go and forgive and understand that your body is communicating with you, because it too has an active calling and it too is always reaching into alignment with SOURCE.
So that what you are ‘feeling’ both emotionally and in the body as physical pain
is in fact just the dialogue, the verbiage of your vessel.”

Source: the Language of the Body

The on-going conversations with DAVID

Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Please join us this November 25th, for our upcoming Workshop, and see the world around you change to reflect a NEW YOU!
Source: Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Why do YOU want to become More?

Taking a ‘real’ look at why we want to BE MORE

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The fastest route to INFINITE INTELLIGENCE

How to Connect to your Inner Guidance
Source: The fastest route to INFINITE INTELLIGENCE

Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

Source: Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

Please join us in the exploration and reconnection with your higher SELF

The most important Question to ask Yourself

Source: The most important Question to ask Yourself

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