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Inspired by the growing feeling that love is all that there is…truly… and that this heart is ready to be filled by it

Loving Self.

Fall in LOVE with YOUreself in this moment

My Sacred Space

Welcome to my Sacred Space <3
Welcome to my Sacred Space ❤
My Sacred Space.

My Sacred Space



As emotion peaks and clouds the mind, I come to this place yet again to connect, or rather to reconnect with that part of myself that seems most out of reach when I feel this way. Here beneath this shimmering, golden canopy I can breath.

I have a favorite place, my sacred tree circle, made up of three, mature trees; a cedar, a pine and an old maple. The spot has been hit by lightening in two places at foot of the maple, leaving streaks of turquoise where another cedar had stood adjoined to the base.

I don’t remember what originally drew me here, but when I stepped into this sacred space something shifted inside me, and I knew I need not walk further.

So I stayed, and I’ve been coming back to this space for over a year, finding each time a new way to enjoy it, a new comfortable patch of earth to lay upon. There’s been times when, wrapped in a blanket I’ve fallen asleep here, sometimes in the snow, sometimes on leaves, but always feeling as though I was being cradled by loving arms. Even now this remains true, as I lay here in my striped fluffy blanket, the sky moving from white to blue as suddenly the sun breaks through the canopy above. Just now a red headed woodpecker landed above me, I can feel the tapping of its beak pulsing through the roots below me.
And there it is, that instant feeling of connection. In the act of sharing this place with you, I have activated within myself a great rush of love, as I begin to really appreciate the moment I am in.
The wind just burst through the forest, as though it’s trying to get somewhere and as it rushes past it sends a wave of leaves floating down on me.
I wish u could hear the sound, sometimes like a wave roaring through, and others like applause, a grand standing ovation as the trees dance wildly above me.

So I take a deep breath, or two, or three…or however many I need until I feel filled with this love. Until I feel ready, and steady within it, so that it imprints on my heart memory, like a photograph that I can go back to, time and time again as I decide, as I need to, as I move through my day.

With all my love & light

We are Love
We are Loved
We are One within this Love

Namaste and may your day be filled with light, love and many, many deep, steady breaths ❤

Kasia Kaminska UNA Lightweaver



I love you ❤
Thank you for visiting my page & please share, and leave your comments. I’d love to hear how you are moving through this wonderful ascension, this evolution that we are all currently on. Namaste 🙂

Love will lead the way

Love will lead the way.

The best day ever!

Today was a lovely day filled with beautiful people and some wonderful sessions that filled up my day with love, purpose and good company! 🙂
I’m feeling so blessed right now, thank you to the sunshine that warms and recharges me as I move through each part of my day. Thank you my beautiful guides, who lead my every moment, who make the path bright as I walk upon it. Thank you to the forest which sustains me, to the soft earth beneath my feet which supports each and every step. Thank you to the trees that surround me, I can feel their blessed energy shining bright, I can feel the warm sensation of it as I press my palm against the coarse surface, that outer skin of bark and wood.
How truly blessed we are to have such beauty at our fingertips.

I have so much love for this beautiful planet, for the trees and the birds and the animals who move through it. And those are the things I can see with my eyes, and yet I can feel through the internal compass of my heart, that there is greater magic, greater mystery hidden here in plain sight…waiting for the right eyes to discover :)))


So much love and light to each and every one of you.

Kasia Kaminska ❤
UNA Lightweaver

A Message on the Current Energies…September 22, 2014

A Message on the Current Energies…September 22, 2014.

A Message on the Current Energies…September 22, 2014

My dear friends, no doubt you’ve all been feeling in some way or another, the huge influx of energy that is currently bringing about big changes and sudden revelations, as well as emotional outbursts/releases and a general amplification of emotions, in our current lives.
It has been a time of endings and much letting go…so its understandable that we are feeling and experiencing such intensity in our personal experiences.
This has been very true for me personally, as the last few days, on and continuing from the equinox, have been full of such momentum and change. Much letting go and a few unexpected but much needed endings, as well as a lot of resurfacing of old emotions stored within the physical body, emotional and spiritual body, made visible so that they may be transmuted and released. Let’s face it, these last few days have been pretty intense in some way or another for each of us.

At times these have not been the easiest of days, but as I begin to remember what it feels like to love myself, and as I start to do loving things for myself and bring myself into a more loving space within myself, I begin to become more loving. And from that more loving vantage point I am able to move forward through my day, through my week, through my life, in a state of acceptance and love for the life that surrounds me, regardless of how it looks within that particular moment of time.

For me, this has always been about Love. Love in all its forms, in all its many infinite possibilities of expression.
What I didn’t realize at first was that the quickest, most direct route into Love, pure unconditional Love, was through Loving the Self. I had to begin to see the Self as someone I truly loved, not in empty words and gestures, but to truly connect to MYself and to love mySELF unconditionally.

What an amazing adventure life can be when we allow that love to be our dominant vibration. I am beginning to see that as well, as more and more loving people and loving experiences come into my life path.

And so, I encourage you with a loving heart and an understanding that we are united in our collective consciousness to each other and to the Infinite Source of Love that is ALL that there IS,
to begin to love yourself through these times of change, release, and healing.
To see yourself through loving eyes and then to turn that loving gaze and shine it upon the world.

You are love made real, begin to know this as truth as you begin to love yourself more and more in each moment, of each day.

I love you all, we are family and dearest friends within the light.

with all my love and light

We are Love
We are Loved
We are ONE within this Love

Kasia Kaminska ❤
UNA Lightweaver

A Message of Love from the Arcturian Family of Light…Sept 17, 2014

A Message of Love from the Arcturian Family of Light…Sept 17, 2014.

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