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NORTH BAY Workshop


Dearest friends we are back in North Bay, this upcoming Thursday January 30th for an INFORMATIVE and powerful Stress Awareness and Release workshop!

Join us along with the beautiful co-host Kourtney Belisle at her downtown wellness center VITALITY FROM WITHIN 💖

🌿please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a cushion or blanket

This is a special 2 hour event, so we’re asking everyone to participate in a SPECIAL way!!

👉 This is a POTLUCK Exchange Event! 💕

That means each participant is asked to bring something unique for the price of the workshop.

Everyone has something wonderful to bring to the table… maybe you have a skill you’d like to exchange, or a service you offer that could be beneficial, or perhaps you’d like to bring something you’ve made, or you’d just like to give a dollar amount… the exchange for this workshop is $44 🙏 whatever you choose, we appreciate you and what you offer!

💛Also!! Join us LIVE on Facebook this Tuesday 28th to meet Kourtney on Chaga and a Chat!

And 💚 PM us for more details and to reserve your spot. Space is limited

💖 See you soon!

#GiveUpPain #stressrelief #release #workshop

Friends we’re going to Cambridge!

Join us this Saturday at 1pm at 48 Queen St East, Cambridge Ontario for a transformational Releasing Stress and Trauma Participatory workshop, only a couple spots left!

PM to join the fun!

#GiveUpPain #workshop #release yourself and discover a new perspective and a #New #you

Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

Become deeply committed and focused on your inner workings. Join us to UNRAVEL YOUR INNER WORKINGS, a workshop on Breaking your current programming mold and finding your inner balance and connection to Source.

For more information about this workshop and other workshops, and about the services we currently offer… we invite you to visit us at 💖

Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Source: Breaking the Programming Mold Workshop

Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

This workshop will help you to understand WHY what You are currently living isn’t matching up with what You are feeling and knowing inside.

Source: Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

New PTSD Workshop Available for Booking

Source: New PTSD Workshop Available for Booking

Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Please join us this November 25th, for our upcoming Workshop, and see the world around you change to reflect a NEW YOU!
Source: Upcoming November 2015 Workshop!

Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

Source: Unraveling Your Inner Workings Workshop

Please join us in the exploration and reconnection with your higher SELF

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