Unraveling Your Inner Workings


We are going to teach you how to release your personal programs using ALL the tools we have discovered, some of which we have briefly shared with you in our Introductory Workshop ‘Breaking the Programming Mold’


We will show you how to hear your bodies signals through physical movement, meditation, and breath work. Connecting to our bodies in a tangible way while learning its unique dialect.


We are going to teach you how to hit the ‘RESET’ button on your emotions on those days when you feel like your life is spiraling out of control.


We will help you to discover your body’s natural balance based on The Elemental Diet. You will gain a greater understanding of the elements,  FIRE, WATER, AIR & EARTH and our intimate relationship to them as the building blocks by which to create health within this sentient vessel we call our BODY.


You will learn about the Fifth Element and how to call upon it to heal your body and intuitively know what foods your body is asking for, and which emotions are holding you back. !Recognize and learn how to harness this powerful element and begin to actively use it in your own life.

Harnessing this power will give you the confidence you need to Create the Life you WANT


You will ALSO receive many wonderful gifts just for attending, such as…


A signed copy of Fear, Phobias and Freedom authored by the EFT Master himself

Mr Dan BrooksFear, Phobias, and Freedom

You will also receive a personal, one hour channeled Channeled Energy Reading by one of the most wonderful and sought after Intuitive Channels…Ms. Kasia Kaminska

Kaminska Readings

You will also receive a special selection of our premier products from our “all natural, hand harvested, KAMINSKA CHAGA line such as;


KAMINSKA CHAGA Tea which will make you over 160 cups of wonderful, fresh Chaga tea

As well as a luxurious 100% all natural, KAMINSKA CHAGA Skin & Body Cream

Kaminska Product Line

PLUS… Be eligible for some of our other weekend surprise give-a ways!


YOU do NOT want to MISS this!


If you would like to attend our April 2016 Two Day Weekend Workshop retreat click this link for more information and to book YOUR Spot or to register this event for your Community!

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