“The most challenging thing is to unlearn what we have already learned.”

We must fundamentally accept that the complete Multi-dimensional, Multi-faceted Human Being must understand its relationship, and its true connection, to the SOURCE THAT IT BE.

It is our duty therefore, to Systematically Release all inner illusion and outward projection of limitation


to Fully Embrace a New Paradigm, a New Politics of Compassion, Love, Understanding & Unity


The Feeling Path… Illuminated is a process, an experience, and our offering to you. It is RELIEF in times of turmoil and change… and a  Clear Understanding of Who You Are in relationship to ALL THAT IS.

We have created the Feeling Path… Illuminated from our experience and our ongoing dedication and commitment to you.

This process is worthy of anyone who is seeking Higher Awareness… of themselves, of ALL THAT IS, and of how it all works in relationship to who you are… and a  deeper, fuller, more complete understanding of how we all create our own reality.

The Feeling Path Experience is for anyone who is ready to RELEASE themselves from the programming and inner paradigms that make up the foundation of who you are.

For a copy of our ebook, the Feeling Path… ILLUMINATED and an invitation to the Feeling Path Experience please click here to begin your journey.

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Kasia and Danny