When asked the question,

“Why do you want to become more?”

I had to reflect.

I began to understand that when it came right down to it, what I was feeling about my future… about who I am, and what it is that I have come here to do… these things I intuitivly understood. I knew… deep down, I just knew.

Not in way that I can categorize, or put into ‘logical’ reasoning… but these things I just know.

And I feel myself to them.

I recently read an article by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who wrote that the main quality of a fully self-actualized person is their ability to move through life and not be influenced, either positively or negatively, by the opinion of others, as he says “they are independent of the good opinion of others”.

In other words, they have figured out that they are autonomous, or as I like to say it, “thank you for your opinion”.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR OPINION… these words have made a profound difference in my overall understanding, and in my current life.

I have spent much of my past life in a state of misunderstanding.

I took on faith the beliefs of those around me, and without intending to made all of ‘them’ larger than myself.

Now this may seem like a simple thing, it sounds like a little self worth issue. But let’s put it into a broader perspective.

If you feel that most of the time your opinions, your own personal beliefs, those things you believe are true to you, are not allowed, it creates within you a lot of discomfort and resistance.

You begin to silently resent the people and circumstances around you, who you perceive are demanding of you things that you don’t truly want to give.

As you move through your day in this state of silent resistance, you place yourself in a vibrational stance that brings to it experiences that reflect that current stance.

In other words, what you put out you get back.

Its a reflective universe.

And what you are inside, the thoughts you are right now in this moment thinking, are in fact reflecting back to you in your outer world.

We are always creating our reality.

We have been hearing this more and more. But what does it really mean?
Are we truly creating the things that are happening to us?

We have been taught to think of the world in a certain way. We are told that some things are ‘like this’ and others are ‘like that’ because they’re ‘real’ and ‘its true’.

We are told to accept things as real because others have seen it, or told us, or have been told by yet again others, that ‘that’s the way it just is’.

But all these are just different degrees of ‘beliefs’.

They are programs passed down from generation to generation, from life-time to life-time, each time, like the childhood game of telephone, the message is changed.

And yet we hold onto things that we KNOW inside us are just not so.
We try to convince ourselves that we are less than, and we ignore the uncomfortable feelings that come with that as a sign of the ‘offness’ of that statment. We punish ourselves and take on the rhetoric of our ancestors.

But none of that is true

It is all a false belief, a misunderstanding, a program… and its just not true.

What is true is that you are complete.

What is true is that you are made of love.

What is true is that love is all there is.

What is true is that you are a creator being.

What is true is that you have inner guidance.

and… what is true is that you are ALL THAT IS.

You are a creator being, and anything less than that will never feel good to you.

It will never feel good to you to say anything less about yourself, because its just not so.

And likewise, it will never feel good to say anything less about another, because they too are part of the ONE.

Because separation is the belief of our ancestors, and its just not true.

But before I externalize this, the truth is that I have to first look to myself,
because I realize that in order to truly let go of my programs, of my limiting misunderstandings, I first have to acknowledge that I am not fully being honest with myself.

My truth is that I still don’t fully believe in myself. But here is the marvellous part, at my very heart I do.

I had to ask myself a very important question… why I holding myself in that space?

Why am I holding out on myself?

Now this is a whole new perspective for me, because I didn’t consciously understand that I was purposely holding myself in a state of resistance.

In other words, when I was feeling bad, I actually ‘felt bad’ about wanting to feel better. I was keeping myself in a loop. I’d stumble and then punish myself for stumbling, and then instead of moving towards relief, I would feel guilty that I had stumbled. Keeping myself much longer than necessary in a feeling of discomfort.

And there it is, guilt.

A feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offence, crime, wrong doing, whether real or imagined.

And here it really is, I don’t want to get it wrong. I’m judging myself. This is my program, my misunderstanding, my opinion, and I’ve been thinking it wrong.

Being here, in this physical universe, thimgs are not how you are thinking them to be.

You are not here to just learn, you are not here to just create…

You are here to expand… ALL

Everything grows when you grow.
Everything becomes more.

You are not just a solitary being riding on a planet. But you don’t even see yourself as that, because you think your life is only this small space of land that you move about on.

But you are so much more than just that… And you have always known those around you have the same potential.

You see the majesty in them even when you can’t see it in yourself.

But you are now, and finally now, seeing into yourself. And you have begun to make the connection that what you are thinking IS becoming your world, and that you have full control over what your world will look like.

This is not the game you are thinking.

This is the reality you are living.

And it is true and it is happening whether you believe it or not.

We say this with all the love in the universe, as you know it and beyond.

If you sense in us an urgency, that is  your interpretation. 

We say to you; it is our excitement,
it is our love that you are feeling.

So let yourself be a part of THAT
and let all else flow from you.

Because you have no use now of those misconceptions. You have no need of those things you no longer believe.

So let those dissolve into the harmless vapour you so love, and allow yourself to emerge aNEW.

This is the time for awakening to that of your full potential.

There is no need to hold yourself back.

This wave of love that is coming to you
is all that IS… and there is no one who will not feel its reach.

But it is always up to you how you will receive it, and how you will move yourself as you expand to that of your TRUE SELF.

You are limited by nothing except your own perception.

You are infinite in nature, and always becoming more.

And the way you DECIDE to see yourself, is the way you will BE.

So why am I deciding to be more?

Because the part of me who knows, FEELS the true magnificence of who I am… and I am ready to consciously and deliberately line up with that.

I am ready to BE the me I feel myself to be, free of the programs and beliefs and opinions of others, but especially of myself. I am no longer in a place where I can believe the stories I have heard and retold.

This is just one step along the way in my personal story, yours will probably be a little different, because its yours, and unique to you.

But I know that we share so many thoughts, because we are all one and connected, whether we believe it or not.
So maybe the details are different, but the questions are the same.

And the answers are never further then the inner reaches of your inner SELF

Before we can reach out to the universe, we must first unravel our own inner workings, and in that way find the stars.

in~Love & Light,




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