Becoming UNIFIED

It is time now to step away from the beliefs and thoughts of yesterday. You no longer have to separate yourself, playing out all the while the may possible versions of you. You have loved the interaction and have enjoyed the experiencing of the many infinite possibilities that exist as you are ONE INFINT CONSCIOUS LIGHT, the conscious BREATH of ALL THAT IS …made real

So decide NOW dear one, to BECOME ONE
Integrate yourself by KNOWING that all possibilities, ALL versions of you ARE real
For if some of it is possible, then ALL of it IS POSSIBLE



and become UNIFIED

As you unify, your frequency will shift and as such your OUTER WORLD reality, the things you can touch, the things you can taste, the things you can feel, will become manifest, made real in your experience.
You set the tempo of these manifestations as you allow or resist these incoming experiences.

BEcome ONE in all times, in all things, in all thoughts, with all people, and most importantly with YOURSELF

Feel the ALL nature of who you are

We love you
We love you
We love you

Know this is true

ALLOW by following your path of most joy.
Know that in this moment, as you allow SOURCE ENERGY to flow through you as we communicate, as you read these words, right now, that you are in this same moment pulling toward you the abundance you have amassed through your personal asking. And know this, it is INFINITE… any word would be less…your abundance in all things is INFINITE and assured.

Follow the moment, the energetic trail, and allow unification with what you have asked for as you knew you would.
For your asking is knowing, for your desire speaks as clues, leading you down the path you have decided upon before you came into this physical reality.
You have always known and felt the strong pull of your personal inner compass. You have only just forgotten this to be so, and in this forgetting you became separated as you tried to fit your inner knowing into small, tight ways of being and believing.

This is no longer necessary

Allow that flow
Feel the creative force move through your entire experience and become what you WANT

Your desire to be in the light, in the sun, will become deeper and deeper as the flow of UNITY intensifies.
Allow this flow of inspiration to carry you as you move from moment to moment, reality to reality, moving ever closer to the truest version of YOU.

The process of awakening is the physical unification of all separate parts of the current SELF

It literally means taking the many facets of you; how you behave with individuals, how you move through the world, how you are in your private moments, those every day actions, behaviours and thoughts, which make up your current personality and ego persona, and unifying them into ONE true version of YOU.
Being one in mind and action

As you tune into the frequency, the feeling, of UNLIMITED LOVE through appreciation and allow your life to unfold minus pain, judgment, and resistance, you become ONE
You no longer act or behave differently with different people, in different situations. You become CONSISTENT in your thoughts and feelings, you feel inspired, connected, ALIVE, present to the spectacular beauty which is available to you in ALL moments.

When you allow INTEGRATED LOVE to be your comfortable resting place, you move with ease and grace.
You see the connections everywhere and you feel your unlimited potential.

Trust becomes unnecessary as it is replaced by knowing.

Know that although the path is invisible, unseen, it is none the less right beneath your feet.
The pull of SOURCE LOVE is strong, sound, and ever lasting.
We lovingly guide you to its centre, where the earth is most soft, most green, most abundant. Where you are ONE with not only yourself but will ALL that IS. For you are never not a part of that, for indeed, it is your true nature… it is what you ARE and shall always BE.

And so it is.

Today’s affirmation…. I am love, I am loved, I am ALL




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