I write today from a new perspective, from an understanding of myself that is both new and yet familiar.

I am waking up

Waking up to my true nature
to who i am and not who i have been believing myself to be
I am waking up to my programming
to that voice in my head that seems loudest
but who, i now realize, is loudest only because it feels its own vulnerability
it knows that im onto it
it knows that i can see right through it

And i understand that if you’re not in the vicinity of this
than what im saying might sound uncomfortable, even confusing
but trust me when i say this
when you start to wake up to who you really are
when you start to catch glimpses of that feeling of it
you will know the unmistakable feeling
of your
I AMness

your I AM presence
your infinity
your potentiality
your fullness

So i come here today, in words…because that is what i love most, this conversation… from a new perspective in my understanding
and a new willingness to be open and fully myself here with you

I know im not the only one feeling this way, as i watch so many others around me search for meaning within themselves and the world they are perceiving
And i feel within them the same desire to reach for more, to become more, to feel more
it is what is fuelling us all

this feeling of wanting to BE more

So this is a conversation, between YOU, ME and ALL THAT IS

and here is what SOURCE had to say…

there is a feeling that comes from time to time
a feeling of forgetting
forgetting who you are
and in that moment of forgetfulness you do not know yourself
and in that moment of not knowing
you forget
but dear one
we are always here
with you
in all now moments
even when you forget
even when you don’t believe
in those moments we are here loudest
we are here
and we carry you
we love you
and we cherish you all the more
for we know that in your place of forgetfulness there is great contrast
and we understand what that feels like to you
but we assure you in all now moments
in this one
and this one
and this one
that you are always and infinitely protected and guided and loved and watched upon
in all that is good
and all that is love
you are that
and we love you
yes this is us assuring you
because we feel that you are in need of such reassurance
and we know that it will feel good to have it
and so we give it to you with full intent
there is nothing that we will not do for you
for your wish
is our command
our intention

shift your our perspective and the world will shift to match it
it is law
we know you can
and that each time you do, it will become easier and easier to maintain
and until then
which could be now
and it may be
we are here with you

shift your perspective on anything and that which you think differently about will become the world you are living
the circumstances you are experiencing
the life you want is the life you imagine
the life you want is the life you think about
the life you want is the life you think about
the life you have is the life you used to think about
the life you have is the life you used to think about
the life you want is the life you imagine
it is the life you dream
it is the life you allow
and now you know
the life you live is the life you think about
how you feel lets you know along the way if the life you are living is in-fact that life you want to live
when it feels bad you know instantly that what you are currently thinking is not, not, not in alignment with you
with you
with you

when it feels good, that is your I AM presence saying
yes this is me
this is me
this is me

am i
i am

i am open i am all that is
i am complete

the thoughts you think are always creating the world around you
but you think that they are not
and so you think about things and feel the emotional turmoil of that and loose yourself in the details of that feeling
and in that dis-ease you feel the unease of your life
and you believe that your life is happening to you
because you feel victim to it
because you forget yourself

you are connected
and we feel that you have taken a new step forward in your understanding of how and why you are here
and why you feel this need to communicate with yourself
with your IAM presence
that is who you are
you are the IAM
in a state of awakening from amnesia
from forgetfulness
this slip
this slip is not permanent
and you have begun to awaken
and you are being awakened

yes feel the momentum
I AM the momentum
you are in this now moment fully awake
and aware of your self
of our IAM presence


this is we

the energy that is pouring into your body at this now moment is fun
it is light
it is bright
it is sunny
let the warmth fill you and smile
and feel the joy in the lightness of it
allow each moment to feel lighter and lighter
and let go the heaviness that you have been carrying
you are light
you are fun
you are love
you are light

time is relative and moves at its own speed
while you are timeless
and as such you are able to move through and within time
you are not as you believe yourself to be
but you are beginning to see
and you are letting, allowing it flow
you are feeling yourself
you are feeling IAM
your IAM presence
the voice of your programming feels familiar and sounds loudest in your internal mind
but it is the voice of programs that have found their way into your focus
into your perceivable mind
and they are not the truth of what is and who you are
they are illusions
and they do not reflect who you are
rather who you are not

who you are is infinite
who you are is all that is
who you are is love
all that is
your body knows it

and it guides you lovingly in the best way it can
by letting you feel tangibly what you radiate out


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