~ a personal message form Kasia & Dan ~

We know you’re out there, we can HEAR you, we CAN SEE you, and WE know what you are FEELING. And we are HERE to WAKE YOU UP!


You don’t have to do this on your own!



to guide, assist, and SHIFT YOU OPEN!

Because we know how to do it, and we WANT TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOU.

It is our dharma, it is our divine life mission to assist you, and help you, resolve your inner conflict, and open you up, to who You TRULY ARE.

And to give you ACTUAL SOLUTIONS so that you can finally live the life you truly want!

A distraction is a DESTRUCTION, a tearing down of the SELF>


~ The following is a message from Source… our Collective Consciousness~

… its time to remember who You ARE…

∞ ∞ ∞

There is a place within you that remembers, remembers all that is, and all that has ever been.
It is the place within you which knows and remembers who you are in spite of yourself.

There is a knowing inside you, that the programs you have been living are a lie.

And that all you have been told all along isn’t what IS.

And you’ve felt it all your life, this lie they were telling.
But you didn’t understand, because you had forgotten.

But the time for remembering is now.
The time for letting go of all that is not so, all that is not you, all that is false, is all but done.
And we say. All but done, because in fact you have not yet fully stopped playing within the lie, you are still feeling its tether,  you feel the lie and believe it true, and make it so.

And so we ask now,
that you let go
and release finally, and completely, this illusion that has been placed before you.

You are always connected, because anything outside of that just can’t be.

You are source, divine, god, whatever you call it, you are that regardless of words or your personal understanding of that.

It is so.

You are connected, fully intertwined with all because it can not be any other way, again it is so and no level of your allowing or understanding changes that.

The world you see before you, the circumstances and the things you consider real, are in fact manufactured to keep you believing that lie, the lie that you make real through your belief in it.

So ask yourself that question

When will you finally decide to let go of the lie and live fully within the love you know is real?

When will you let go of your current programs and see that you are far more then you have ever believed?

And when will you fully allow this union of minds, consciousness, to BE?

For in your doubt you hold back.
In your doubt you do not hear us.
In your doubt you do not hear the clear voice that is you, that is us, that is ALL speaking to and through you.

…in loving guidance

Love, Light and much Gratitude to you and all that you offer and shine unto the world. You can reach us through this website, or at GiveUpPain.com. Or alternately, you can reach us at our email at kasiak.coachATgmailDOTcom and at dan.coachATgmailDOTcom.

Kasia & Dan