Today gave me the opportunity to fully delve into a personal belief I’ve been holding onto, although ‘holding onto’ does not fully encompass the feeling of this belief, because like so many beliefs we are most times unaware of the driving force, or rather the halting force, of a particular thought pattern.

The sneaky nature of beliefs is that they can be so deeply ingrained in our psyche,that we just take it as face fact that what we are believing, is indeed true. We are so deeply driven by our own personal perceptions that we forget that our truth may not necessarily be the truth.

And when you believe something to be true, you will create all sorts of experiences and supporting thoughts to evidence and further support what you are believing.

Its a cylindrical pattern, for as you witness the evidence of your belief coming ‘true’, as you see it expressed in your physical environment, you reaffirm to yourself that “yes, indeed…this must be true, because there it is, I am seeing it in my life”.
And from that perspective you create more and more of the same.

So what do we do to get ourselves out of that loop?
How do we stop spinning our wheels and constantly stopping the flow of our own life?

Lately, I see myself as though suspended inside a giant rubber band, pulled tight and aimed at a distant horizon I can’t quite see, but I can most certainly feel…but I’m poised and held in place by the strong resistance of my current beliefs which spawn within me a host of interesting and sometimes all encompassing fears.

For me, its the fear of being propelled at a target you can’t quite see but have to trust is there.
I can best relate it to the feeling you get just before the roller coaster plunges down that first, indescribable hight, and all you can do is hold on tight and trust that the tracks will support you and lead you to the inevitable happy destination.
These fears we hold onto, these beliefs we keep telling ourselves,these personal stories, these little lies that hold us in place, can be powerful and literally stop us in our tracks.

But only if we BELIEVE this is true. 🙂

So what can we do?

First you must be willing to actually look at your fear, what is it?

That was the question I was asking myself as I finally looked at my fear. I began by writing it down, actually putting into words what it was that scared me. I wrote my fear out in as clear words as I could and allowed how it felt as I wrote them to guide me. So as I wrote I looked for the feeling of… “yes, this feels true, this is it”… to lead me, until I came up with a statement that fully expressed my current belief.
Even now, as I share this experience, I can feel the physical sensation of that belief in my body as it manifests into a ball of emotion in my throat. So I can consciously feel within me the physical sensation of this belief expressing itself in my body, and how it is affecting me, how it is creating resistance in my ability to communicate and move forward.

And that was the second step for me, becoming aware of this fear and how it ‘felt’ inside my body, the actual sensation of it.
I felt it and looked at it, and saw it outside myself as something that I was holding onto, but not really ME.
I was able to see it with a little more clarity and emotional detachment, and as I looked at this fear, this little lie, with new eyes, I realized that this fear was actually only a mask to a deeper fear, a belief that lay deep inside me like a seed, sprouting from it little babies of like-minded fears that became a part of my every day life and experience.
My fear of being alone…of being separate, of having to do it all by myself.


And there it was, the unsung fear hidden quietly in the background of my psyche, hidden in plain view and affecting my outward life and how I move through it.
I didn’t fully believe in the ONESS I so wanted to experience as it related to my personal life.
I still felt separate.

….big breath….
…and a little pat on the back for a job well done, always give yourself a lot of compassion and assurance as you honor and love yourself throughout this letting go process 💖
When you begin to look at your fears, they will inevidably lead you down the ‘rabbit hold’ so to speak, revealing to you the many layers of personal perspective, judgments, and inner consculsions about yourself and about how you move through this world. With careful attnetion to how you feel, you can gently move yourself away from any belief and fill this new space with new perspectives and new thoughts that better express your true Source Self and aim you in the direction of your desires.

The following is a channeled message that came through at the heels of this realization.

As you look upon a belief and notice the emotional reaction/response, you can in that way understand the trueness or offness of that particular belief.

All beliefs are an illusion, your personal collected tapestry of data amassed over lifetimes.
You are infinite by nature, and your true essence is that of UNITY and ONENESS.
You are divine and we will never tire of reminding you that. Remember how this all began.
Remember how you hid so that you could BE this in safety, for you knew that this as all things had right timing. Yes you are the transcriber
and this is your job, your destiny, your path.
This IS who you are

Be easy about it and follow the path which is so brightly lit up NOW.
As you face your personal beliefs and in so doing transmute your fears into LOVE, you move with ease in the direction of your greatest desires and creative expansion.

You have done well and as you release these fears…and we applaud you at looking so beautifully at this particular fear, for we feel within you a deep seed here, one that has been carried from past lives…as you now look at and transmute this fear you will propel yourself forward.
You will quite literally spring yourself forward into the ‘reality’ you prefer.
Remember, this is what you WANT, this is who you are, and this is the path to your personal and galactic fulfilment.

You are creating a new YOU
And this is why you came here to have this physical manifestation.
and you knew that THIS manifestation would be your greatest creation.

So create fearlessly, dear one, and BEcome that which you set out to BE

The universe has heard your call, and you are READY to receive it.
Listen, you are ready to hear.
You are ready to step into a new version of YOU.

We feel the thread of resistance within you and so we lovingly encourage you to LOVE YOUrself through it.
Be easy on yourself and know that ALL IS WELL, and things are unfolding in perfect divine timing.
Let the flow of your life carry you. And become excited about those things that you love, those things you want to expand and grow, those things you want more of, those things you are passionate about, those things that enliven you, those things that inspire you, those things that stir you, those things that MOVE you, those things that propel you forward, those things that you love… let this be your new cycle; love those things you love, love those things you love more and more, and keep loving until your life is a full reflection of love in all its infinite expressions.

Grow your life with focused, loving intent.
Commit yourself, to YOUrself

Trust that everything you ‘need’ is available to you in the right timing and that you have all the resources to manifest, to bring into your experience ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you decide upon.

So decide, and then FOCUS with the deepest LOVE, and create with playful ease and swift momentum the life you have been waiting for.

We love you
We are with you
We are eternally enraptured with your light and presence and we are so appreciative of the many sacrifices and pains you have endured as you lowered your vibration to that of the physcial manifested SELF.
It is with deep love that we propel you forward and assure you that the landing will be far softer then you imagine.

We love you

We are love
We are loved
we are ONE

You are divinely guided and protected and you are so, so, so infinitely loved.
Celebrate your SELF and LIVE in JOY


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