The following is a written word meditation, in other words, as you read the words below, you are in that way allowing your natural connection to SOURCE,  thereby aligning yourself with your true and highest intention.

So make yourself comfortable, take a few slow…deep breaths…and enjoy this powerful written tool over and over again, until the resonance of these words rings true in the corridors of your inner workings. 

With all my love,

Kasia Kaminska


Remembering who you ARE
Meditation to reconnect with the Higher SELF


…take a deep breath in through the nose…hold…now relax the body as you allow the breath to flow out through a relaxed jaw…

Connection feels like plugging in.
It feels like being in tune,
it feels like being in communion with your inner self.
Connection feels like tapping into another version of yourself,
it feels like being in tune with the version of yourself that can see from the valley top, that version of yourself that knows the ALL OF IT.

Connection feels like being in tune with that voice inside you, and knowing that that is who you are.


Knowing that it is always you
and you are a part of it ALL

You are a part who consciously and happily decided to forget who you are in order to explore more of that.

What does trust feel like?
Trust feels like being in tune with the knowing inside you that knows that ALL IS WELL.

trust IS knowing

Knowing that within the ALL, everything is perfect, nothing is missing, everything is serving a purpose, a reason for being, and is complete.
Everything around you is a reflection of YOU.

You are the ALL forgetting that it is the ALL in order to view itself from a different perspective to discover and expand more in the ALL THAT THERE IS

You are all of it, pretending to be some of it, disremembering that you are in fact ALL of it.


It is time to remember yourself.

Make “because it feels good,” your new mantra

why are you doing that?
Because it feels good

why are you eating that?
Because it feels good

why are you thinking that?
Because it feels good

If it doesn’t feel good, DON’T DO IT

Turn your reality into a cornucopia of things that FEEL GOOD, and move easily between them, savour your life.


Feel yourself become lighter and lighter within that.
See the world become brighter and lighter, see it become easier and easier as you allow yourself to delve into these better feeling places.
Allow yourself to feel more fun, to feel more expansion, more excitement, more ease, more laughter, more things that feel better and better.


Release all harsh negative judgments that lead only to doubt in yourself.
Know and remember who you are and experience more and more evidence of that expansion, of that knowing, more synchronicity, more re-membering
more trust of that union, of that communion with ALL THAT THERE IS and ALL THAT YOU ARE

You are the ALL of IT


Feel the truth of this settle gently in.

Feel it moving into you, through the skin, into your cells, into the crystalline aspect of yourself.

See yourself shine from that crystalline aspect.


feel the water inside you
feel how it flows
allow the light of Multiversal LOVE to land lightly upon the waters of your inner body

see in your minds eye
the light of your inner self shimmering upon the gentle ripples of your internal waters

see this light beam down through the surface
see your waters grow bright with it, shimmering beneath the surface of your skin

feel the water flow through you
feel it flow around and surround each organ


allow the light water to now move into the organs, lighting them from the inside out
see how it glows
see how the light pulsates
and feel this energy

allow it to expand inside you
allow the organs to glow more and more
and see yourself become illuminated
see yourself become brighter, physically brighter, as this light filters now to your skin
feel it gently, brightly, easily, wonderfully filter through

…and relax…

…and breath…

now see the light grow inside you as your crystalline self expands and glows beyond the barrier of your skin
feel the physical body undulate with the energy as it now pulses within you
feel your own body as it moves and pulses with this energy now flowing lovingly throughout you and through you

begin to move your body in a way that feels good to you
that allows that flow of energy to move and flow
enjoy the sensations in your body, no matter how they present themselves
take away and release all and any negative attachments you have made to particular sensations and ease into your body
love your body and allow it to take the lead as you surrender to the flow of this momentum
as you surrender to the melody of this union

ask yourself… what feels good now…now…now…now
and move as though you are this energy, for indeed you are…

…and breath…




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