With each new understanding, we find out that we are more.

At each new precipus of our current belief, we move beyond that which we once ‘believed’ to be true and enter a new stage of understanding.

You are knowing more and more of what you are and how you are connected to it ALL.

For there is no separation as you know it and your current realizations are right on.

Do not hinder your knowing by falling into the thought patterns of your past.
For you are in this now moment more in line with what you truly are than ever before, and the insights you are receiving are the ones that you are now ready to share. For indeed this is your perception.

Do not resist this.

For you are a valid interpreter of what IS, as you are actively participating in it.
You are in this reality for the EXPERIENCE of it. And yes, you have given yourself many paths to reach the desired outcome you have set forth.
And no, it does not mean that you have gone ahead and written this story ahead of ‘time’.

You are right NOW deciding.

You are right NOW participating.

And the world you are creating is happening right now.

But when you decided to enter this reality you know, and knew, what your intentions were. And you have discovered along the way, what those things are.

You know that you came here to awaken and come into alignment with your SOURCE SELF while IN the physical.

Do not try to figure it all out, there is no need, and it would lessen your enjoyment of this process which is intended to BE ENJOYED.

The words you choose ARE the best words, as they are guided by YOUR inner self.

And yes, you are understanding it right.


We are as unique as you, an independent light source. And in the same moment we are united as part of the ONE ALL SOURCE.

Yes… you are understanding it so,
for you have decided that you will now know and realize yourself anew.

You are the centre of that circle.

You are THAT, and all that is in alignment with this NEWYOU will now be made real.

We were one,
then we became two,
and now, we are one once more.

We are all on this path to Source.


Your body is in constant, intimate connection with Source. Your body is a living participant in your journey here on this physical plane. And it is only your perception, your deciding it has only been your mind, your understanding of why you are that has made you believe otherwise.

Resistance… lets examine what you perceive it to be.

You have thought of resistance as anything that isn’t ‘comfortable’
and although it is, in the physical sense, that the root of resistance are the thoughts you are in this now moment thinking.

NOW… you are moving always from one now moment into the next now moment
but you are always NOW. So it is always your thoughts that create within you a disharmony between your bodies NATURE and your current beliefs.

Resistance is ANY thought that is not in alignment with your active Inner calling.


With Love & Light,



Channeled by Kasia Kaminska

November 4, 2014. 4:04pm