There is a misunderstanding in the way you understand the concept of new beginnings.

Or better said,
you have come to believe that there IS such a thing.
But in order for that to be true,
than whatever began must end.
But in order for THAT to be true,
you must be finite.

The feeling of discomfort you feel as you see these words
is your clear indicator of the ‘offness’ of this belief.

you are infinite

you are everlasting

you are eternal

you are and ALWAYS will be

and so nothing you do is ever an ending

but ALWAYS a beginning

you are always moving forward

you are always expanding

Feel the difference in how these statements FEEL.
In all now moments you have the opportunity to choose what it is you will think about, what it is that you BELIEVE in.

You have looked around your world
and believed it to be finite.
And so believed yourself to be also finite

You observed the occurrences around you,
the passing’s, or rather, comings and goings, of those around you
and believed the things you were told about it.

You took in the opinions and judgments, the beliefs of others
and you made them your own
and judged your world accordingly.

And you than took this new perspective, everywhere you went
and you believed it true
you believed it into reality.

So than we would say to you,
that a new beginning is your new perspective.
It is your new understanding of who you are and why you have become.

New beginnings are your open doorway
to know yourself.
And to recognize that you have always been more than you have been lead to believe.

In each new moment you have the opportunity to look at your thoughts,
to examine and forgive yourself and release those thoughts, those beliefs that you FEEL are no longer true for you.
In each new moment you have the opportunity to love
to sing
to laugh
to turn in the direction of things that feel good to you.

In each and every moment you have the opportunity to see a new perspective
to know the world in a new way
and to believe something entirely new.

In each and every moment you have the opportunity to create
to manifest
to make real
anything you truly believe in.


In Loving Guidance


Channeled & Written by Kasia Kaminska