Good morning dear friends 🙂

Its a little overcast here today, but the sun made a warm appearance during my morning meditation…I love how that happens 🙂
Today and each day, do something loving for yourself. One practice that I like to do each day…and honestly this is so simple and can really change how you are feeling in that moment…is to find a new smell every day.

“A new smell?” you say…. yes!

We are divine beings made real, and as such we are part of this physical world. Our senses are our greatest connection to this tangible experience here on Earth, and scent is one of those things we tend to take for grated.
A new scent can take you out of your present thoughts; it puts you instantly in the NOW moment, it sparks your memory and imagination, and in that same moment calms your mind and brings you into a state of mindful presence.

So decide today dear friends, to find something new to smell…anything…yes, anything…its entirely up to you! Take a moment and stop to smell the flowers, or the trees. Take a leaf and move it in your hand, notice its particular scent, notice how the scent changes as you slide your fingers across its surface.
Whatever you choose, decide in that moment to be fully present to what you are experiencing.
Don’t rush your way thought this, really savour and enjoy!
The scent of love
You are all beautiful and magnificent

with all my love & light

Kasia Kaminska

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