…from that time, to now… remember who you are

“Here you are today, after countless lives on this planet, seeking the Holy Grail, still searching for the Paradise that was lost. And yet, it has always been with you.

You have simply forgotten your identity.

You were born initially of Spirit, and you will be born again when you realize Who and What you are.

The more you are aware of this indwelling Spirit, the greater the inflow of spiritual energy and power into your mind and heart.

This Cosmic Consciousness has always been you, but you have been asleep to it. Now you must awaken. You must feel the warmth of Love in your heart. You must sense the imprisoned splendour of your True Nature. You must throw open the prison doors, and release the Power.

Let it be Itself.

Let it be Yourself!

This Life, Light, Power, Love has forever been within you. Even when you fell into the dream of mortality and lost your awareness of the Presense, it did not leave you. No, you left your Self and began a journey into darkness. But even then, the spark of Divine Truth remained in your deeper mind.”

πŸ‘πŸ’• these beautiful words are from the book THE SUPER BEINGS by John Randolph Price. #waveoflove #thebestisyettocome #bookswelove