You create your own reality

Your inner world is the world within which you create.

It is THAT which is reflected back to you.

All those things that you have thought impossible, are in fact very possible

All that you imagine that you have the ability to do, is in you.

As you fight this urge, this deep desire, this calling inside you to DO what it is you are WANTING TO DO, you in that way believe~beLive in a reality that is unflowing, and restrictive and so you will ‘feel’ unhappy as an indicator that what you are creating in this moment is not who you really are, and better yet, is not moving you along the reality path you actually want to be going in.

Your feelings of discomfort, be in anger or dismay, feeling stuck or unfree, are always just letting you know that what you are thinking, right then and there, is moving you, turning you…tuning you…to a frequency from which you are in that same moment creating.

Therefore what you are creating in that moment becomes,

…it materializes and becomes REAL…

You create your own reality

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