“What would an enlightened sustainable world look like-our thinking & actions, taking responsibility?”

…this new world is built on compassion, understanding, wisdom, love and a deep sense of inner unity as each individual recognizes the innate blueprint, the Source of What-Is, within every other… and who honour our uniqueness because of that common center.

In this new world, we are Sovereign and guided by our innate moral center… we are good at the core, and in this new world, each of us knows it and lives from that center.

In this new paradigm we acknowledge that our planet is living, and we begin to place ‘god’ back into physical matter, as a result we see-feel the divinity within everthing, even a single blade of grass…

Dare to dream a better dream!

We honour each other and every living being, and if we are still participating in ‘eating meat’ then we are doing it with the upmost respect and a deep reverance for each life taken, whether it be animal, mineral or plant.

Our bodies are tuned to innate healing, and all conditions that are life draining are eliminated, unless one chooses to have an experience with something, the body remains favorable to life and living and will continue to evolve without the hindrance of pain and suffering.

All those that are present are tuned into Collective union, and there is a deep feeling of fellowship between each and every living being… the planet truly becomes, and is, tuned to thriving and life… and all systems run at their individual best, maintaining balance and harmony on all levels.

Variety will always be treasured; it is the full expression of our unique inner self, and we will see a world built on so much love and beauty, as those that are present, freed from their burdens, will create and re-create art, culture, and a new paradigm of being 💛✨

It’s time to step into this feeling, and fearlessly co-create a beautiful world 🌏🌈

You’ve got this!

You matter!

And you DO make a difference 💗